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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Best Books You Didn't Read this Week, Issue 6

The Immortal Iron Fist #18
Written by: Duane Swierczynski
Art by: Travel Foreman & Russ Heath

The Mortal Iron Fist story-arc continues as we see the continuation of the confrontation between Danny and the Demon that wants him dead. Ultimately I think that the most impressive part about this comic is that despite changing creative teams that the book remains as high quality and as action packed and exciting as it ever was when Fraction and Brubaker were at the helm. I might even say that it is somewhat better when those two were steering the ship. Travel Foreman's artwork continues to knock my socks off and the flashback sequences by Russ Heath are everything you could possibly ask for. This story started out in a dark place but I have to say that the plans that the demon has for Danny's circle of support promises to make the story even darker as we progress. I highly recommend that if you haven't already started reading The Immortal Iron Fist that you at least give this arc a shot, because I can assure you that you won't be disappointed.

DMZ #34
Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: Riccardo Burchielli

Honest to god I believe that DMZ should be the successor to Y: The Last Man. Everyone is always looking for that one great Vertigo book to follow and I think that if you are overlooking DMZ that you are doing yourself a complete disservice. The characters of DMZ are incredibly compelling and are constantly growing and changing thanks not only to the changing world around them but also to the way that they look at the world around them. Matty Roth is a character that I love to follow, his role as the narrator of the story is engaging and complex as he fights with himself over whether what he is doing is right or wrong. Matty must constantly debate whether or not he does the people of the DMZ service or disservice by the way he reports what he sees. Should he keep at arms distance in order to be an ethical observer or should he get his hands dirty to try and foster the kinds of change he would hope to see in the place he has come to call home. Honestly this is probably one of the best books I am currently reading and there are 5 trade paperbacks out there for all of you who have yet to check it out.

Blue Beetle #30
Written by: Matthew Sturges
Art by: Rafael Albuquerque

At some point every protege has the chance to outdo his mentor. I think that between what Matthew Sturges is doing with House of Mystery and what he has already begun here with Blue Beetle that he is starting to consider that everything he has learned from Bill Willingham might just make him a better writer than his mentor. What Sturges does here is craft incredibly interesting and identifiable characters within these already established voices. Watching the way he deals with the still young and learning super-hero Blue Beetle is fantastically fun and even moreso the way he plays with the supporting cast makes for a thrilling ride. I think that if you haven't yet started checking out The Blue Beetle that you are missing a book on the same kind of level as Ultimate Spider-Man or even Invincible. Add to the fantastic story telling of Sturges the incredible graphic story telling of Rafael Albuquerque and you have all the right components for a long lasting and incredibly entertaining series. Count me in as one of the fans who hopes that DC, as well as the fans, let Sturges and Albuquerque make a run for Bendis and Bagley's record!

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