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Monday, June 30, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (I THINK GREEN CHICKS ARE HOT!!! There I said it and now, so can you.)

Little late, I know. I blame the back issue sale. If you didn't make it, well...sorry, you missed out. Don't worry, there will be more. Keep in touch with The Fantasy Shop (via web page http://www.fantasyshoponline.com/ or stop by.) On with the qoute of the week. Beware it's a doozey! "I'm not sure. She-Hulk sexed me and then left abruptly. I feel so used." Words of a god, obviously.(only a god could handle a woman like that. are you picking up what I'm laying down?) - Rob

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ComicDorksCast Special Episode: Incredible Hulk

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Running Time
: 00:22:52

  • We talk about the new theater juggernaut: The Incredible Hulk!
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ComicDorksCast Episode 020

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Running Time
: 01:15:30

  • Show Notes Later Tonight
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Blog Log # 2 (The Greater Tater or Don't Blame the Dealer, If You Can't Lay Your Cards Down Right)

howdjido, howdydueceldoodledooji, howdjidoo! Just wanted to give ya'll some advice on how to spend your hard earned cash. Go to the I tunes store (where you subscribed to the awesome show you listen to every week now. You know, by those Y list celebs. Darren is in a band so we climbed off the Z list,thank you Darren!) and purchase Ryan Spearman's "Take Any Road." I believe I paid 11 bucks and some change for this, pretty cheap for a disc these days. This album (yep, i still use the term album... so what!) is absoulutely the definition of what good ol' American music should sound like. I'm not gonna get in to his back story, because he has a wonderful web page where you can learn all about the man, the myth, and the legend. While your on his page you will notice a forum (which is the most genius forum known to man), feel free to join in or at least enjoy his music while on his site.(yeah you can hear songs that aren't on the cd you just bought) http://www.ryanspearman.net/ So do you want a little taste of Spearman yet? I am sitting here listening to "Take Any Road" with a big ol' grin and spontaneous chills up the spine.(from the songs not the grave danceing) What I hear is a heathly mix of traditionals and originals, at times original traditionals.(has anyone coined the phrase original traditionals yet? if not those rights are mine. original traditionals are public domain songs that you play in your own style and in turn make them your own.) With the originals... Ryan is one of those people who was born to do a specific thing. He has no choice. He didn't choose this world, this world chose him. This world chose him to write songs and write songs is what he does. (I believe there may be a style of song writing named Ryan Spearman. The catch is, no one else can duplicate it.) Not only that, he writes songs that makes me not able to write songs. Know what I mean? Did you buy the cd yet? Good then you know about his pickin' and fiddlin' too. In closing, I would like to thank you for buying Ryan' s album. A lil while back I wrote about doing your part. You guys read that blog log? If not listen, there are people out there doing amazing shit and not getting any love.(love here means money) Ryan deserves your love! A lot of your love! Maybe, all of your love!( i deserve your love. i'm cool with just a little bit, i don't need the whole shebang) Think about how much money we give to... well, any fast food chains, gas stations, overpriced music stores, and well... yeah... bars. So If you haven't bought "Take Any Road" yet, here is what you do. Next time your all like let's go out and party, fa getta bout it! Buy a case of beer, fifth of whiskaney, bottle of wine, twelve pack of Dr. Pepper, or what ever your crutch is. Then, purchase Ryan Spearman "Take Any Road" and realize what you have been missing out on. After all that, go back to http://www.ryanspearman.net/ and check out the discs he has in his store. You will thank me later, so your welcome. In closing, ( i know i said that already... like a half hour ago. don't judge me!) I want to thank Ryan for helping me come to terms with the whole "I gotta get outta this state...maaaan" rut, with the most comforting words I have ever heard. To paraphrase,"Missouri is the only place Jesse James ever felt safe." Not so bad any more is it? (remember, the heart of any town is in the people that you know. just don't get gunned down.) So all that's left to say is, do what I say and do it now!- Captain Cletus for more info check out http://www.ryanspearman.net/ and www.myspace.com/tatercooks

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blog Log # 2 ( ummmmm... think of something funny and place it here)

I know... everyone was wondering where the quote of the week has been. Well rest easy my children, here it is. "Can't we just nail him and go home?" (could mean anything. I didn't write it. well, I guess I typed it. I most surely am only repeating it, for your enjoyment.) Ya'll have a good hump day? I know I did. A little sad though. It was the greatest holiday ever and I spent it alone. (she knows what I'm talking about. just my luck. story of my life. not worried though, there will be plenty more to come...right?) Comics save the day again.
p.s. sorry for the emo twist in there. I promise I'm tough. Yep... a real badass.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (I'm not who you think I am... BUB!)

I would like to start by saying I'm sorry. I have been slacking a bit lately on the blog logs. I will try to do better, at least catch up to Darren's pace on articles. (yep... cheap shot!
don't be scared to hit back lil guy. all in good fun. all about self enjoyment. all about me trying to get you to like me.) Now prepare yourself for my list of excuses. 1) been trying to wrap up an album, while trying to learn pro tools at the same time.(bit frustrating at times & leaves me bit uninspired to write) 3) been reading a lot of comics with the lil free time I've been getting.( A few things I've read are Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison and a variety of artists including the wonderful Ryan Sook and J H Williams. Agents of Atlas by Jeff Parker with pencils by Leonard Kirk and fantastic covers by Tomm Coker. The Umbella Academy TP- consult the show for more info. The Vinyl Undergroud TP-again with the show. Currently, I'm half way through the third HC of Ultimate Spider-man.) One thing I have read recently that blew me away is Greg Rucka's re-launch of Wolverine. I admit, originally I bought this book when it went to Marvel Knights @ issue #13.(more a Rucka fan than a Wolverine fan) Rucka had this book from issue #1 thru #19. I picked up #1-#12 @ the last back issue sale the Fantasy Shop had.(one more week til the next one) This run consists of the stories; Brotherhood(art by Darick Robertson), a touching stand alone in a bar with Father Kurt (Robertson), Coyote Crossing (art by Leandro Fernandez), a stand alone titled Dream (Robertson returns), and Return of the Native (still Robertson). These stories lead into Millar and JR Jr's run. Rucka made me feel like a fool for not picking this up as it came out, but then again the sale allowed me to get them for super cheap. This was a story where Logan is the kinda of Logan I love. A little bit Punisher like, if you will, Frank with claws instead of guns in a twisted version of Easy Rider. (yeah that hippy film) Little did I know these issues, that I ignored would end up crushing Enemy of the State and that Agent story. Greg Rucka proved once again why he is one of my favorite writers in comics. If you love good comics and don't know about Rucka you best get to it. If you have any questions on where to start your love for Rucka shoot us and e- mail we would be glad to be part of your Rucka exploration. That's is it for now folks.- Rob

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ComicDorksCast Episode 019

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Running Time
: 01:15:49

  • 00:02:58 - Invincible #50. Leaves. Us. Blown. Away.
  • 00:11:11 - Darren's Pick of the week - Red Mass for Mars #1
  • 00:16:23 - Warren Ellis continues to hold our fascination with newuniversal: SHOCKFRONT #2
  • 00:23:02 - Rob's Pick of the week - The Twelve #6
  • 00:28:12 - Uncensored discussion of Batman Confidential #18.
  • 00:34:52 - Scott's Pick of the week - 100 Bullets #92
  • 00:43:25 - Darren's Book of The Month - The Escapists HC
  • 00:49:30 - Scott's Book of The Month - Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite TP
  • 00:58:10 - Rob's Book of The Month - Batman: Close Before Striking (which can be found in the Batman: False Faces HC)
  • 01:02:19 - Brief Mentions
  • 01:07:45 - Scott's Anticipated Books for June 18th
  • 01:08:32 - Darren's Anticipated Books for June 18th
  • 01:09:35 - Rob's Anticipated Books for June 18th
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (That Fella Got A Durty Mouth)

Howdy ho folk-a-renos! Got the quote of the week for ya. " Know what... happiness is for pussies." (Take it how you want it, like you want it) I'd like to say thanks to Batman Confidential #18 for the best fight ever!!! There is plenty to talk about this week so tune in, drop out, and turn on the comicdorkscast show. We will welcome Darren back from the festival (probably have to hose him down a bit) and talk about a mere fraction of the books Scotty had to buy this week.(probably hose him down too, just for fun) - Rob

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Richard Was Robbed

So, I admit it ... I am a fan of the BravoTV reality competition show "Top Chef". I blame it on my friend Stephanie. She didn't turn me on to the show, she didn't even recommend it to me, as a matter of fact we never even spoke about it before I found myself addicted( ... shit ... I used the "A-word"). You see, I house sit for Steff when she goes out of town. And when I house sit I channel surf. Typically I am more of a Hulu ( www.hulu.com ), SurftheChannel (www.surfthechannel.com ), and BitTorrent kind of guy ... but you put me on Steff's couch with her big-ass television and her OnDemand and whatnot ... I return to my old ways. So when I started watching Top Chef: Miami (Season 3) I was both surprised and pleased. I have always been a huge fan of cooking shows ... mostly because I am a huge fan of food. But add to the idea of a cooking show that there are like 16 different people cooking 16 different things and I go into sensory overload in a good way. So I watched through to the conclusion of season 3 and it just so happened that I was house sitting for Steff again when Season 4 (Top Chef: Chicago) hit the airwaves. So, I watched each episode with growing affection for some of the chefs and growing hatred for some of the others. By the time the 4th or 5th episode had rolled around I knew a few things about how I wanted things to turn out. Dale and Spike had to go, Dale was just a big ol' sack of annoying and reminded me too much of last years winner Hung (curiously enough the winner last year should have been faux-hawked Dale, native Chicagoan and gay restaurateur) and Spike was just too conniving to continue. I also knew that Lisa didn't deserve to make it to the top, so when she did over Antonia I was flabbergasted. Talk about just staying under the radar and finding a way to draft your way into the finale. So by the end of it all I knew the same thing I knew from episode 1, Richard and Stephanie (not the one I was house sitting for) needed to be at the finale in Puerto Rico, and to be honest I would have been pleased with either winning but I was really rooting for Richard. But, he got robbed. Richard had shown throughout the season that when he knew he would have support that he could take his more imaginative ideas and really showcase his talent as molecular gastronomist but that when he was working by himself that he knew to keep things more simple. So, when they were given sous chefs for prep day Richard clearly let his mind run a little wilder than he probably would have if he had known that he was going to be doing things on his own. So come the final day and his and the other contestants sous chefs weren't there ... things went awry. I feel sorry for Richard Blais because I think that he would have made a fine Top Chef, but I think that making it to the top 3 will still make his career go forward and ultimately that is probably satisfying enough. Congratulations to Stephanie Izard, the first female contestant to be named Top Chef.

Monday, June 9, 2008

ComicDorksCast Episode 018

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Running Time
: 01:12:48

  • 00:02:56 - Rob and Scott are left mystified by the mystery of Detective Comics #845
  • 00:10:37 - Scott's Pick of the week - Manhunter #31
  • 00:15:30 - None of The Dorks are left broken after being made better by Justice Society of America #16
  • 00:22:46 - Darren's Pick of the week - All-New Atom #24
  • 00:30:45 - Weekly go round number 3: Trinity #1.
  • 00:40:56 - Rob's Pick of the week - Criminal 2 #3
  • 00:48:33 - Darren's Best Book of Last Month - Terry Moore's Echo #3
  • 00:53:14 - Scott's Best Book of Last Month - Giant-Sized Astonishing X-Men #1
  • 00:56:24 - Rob's Best Book of Last Month - Marvel 1985 #1
  • 01:02:32 - Scott's Anticipated Books for June 11th
  • 01:03:38 - Darren's Anticipated Books for June 11th
  • 01:04:49 - Rob's Anticipated Books for June 11th
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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (Uh oh it's magic. When I'm with you. Uh oh it's magic. Just a little magic you know its true. I got a hold on you.)

In the shadows lurk a pact. We will call them um... Shadowpact. Shadowpact is a team that bands together to fight against magical/mystical evils.(out of the back of a bar but not just any bar!) Satan knows there's enough of that mumbo jumbo going on out there.(i just felt a needle twisting in my side. hope my doll has chops as big as the snaz. that's right the snaz that can smell the future. this blog log turns out fantastic.) This sweet little book is brought to us by Bill Willingham ( also an art appearence by Billy Willy in the first issue) and the fine people of DC. (cough! cough! they cancelled another good book cough! cough!) Keep in mind this is one of those Willingham books that Sturges (that's Matthew) takes over, which, we are seeing happen a bit as of late. Maybe a bit more than just a bit, I am not here to judge. Now don't get it twisted, Matty picks up right where Billy leaves off. Not only that, I feel he takes these books and continues to rock them. Art on this book (ok, I'm not gonna list them all) was done by a slew of folks. Shadowpact consists of Detective Chimp (eat your heart out Bruce), Blue Devil (guy with a funny origin story), RagMan (guy with funnier origin story. issue #8, one of the best single issues i've read in a while.) NightMaster (guy) Enchantress (a dame), NightShade (another dame and a dark one ta boot. mood not skin color you racial profilin' fools), Rex (the best friend a Blue Devil could ever have and totally named after a Townes song.) and a dude named Flipper (his real name will never be mentioned by me. HE SHALL BE FLIPPER FOREVER!!!) amongst many more my memory fails to remember at this moment. Don't go thinking that there are no other great characters in this short tale of misfits destined to fail. This book is riddled with DC's finest and as far as failing? Guess you'll just have to read it for yourself. I must mention one last thing. Thanks to all you schmucks that didn't buy this book. (are you to blame?) We toatally suck! That's right I only bought the last few issues. You see the Fantasy Shop has these things called back issue sales. These sales are like heaven for poor comic lover's. Check out the website for the dates of the next one. http://www.fantasyshoponline.com/ So I am also part of the problem. I'm sure we will see these characters pop up elsewhere in the DCU. (any Detective fans out there? you know what i'm talking about.) So there you have it. See it did turn out fantastic. (SNIFF! SNIFF! wouldn't you like to know. all i'll say is beware)- your pal, Rob
(looky there I got a picture! I be advancin!)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Words & Stuff: Behind Every Great Spider-man There's a Great Woman

There are twenty different Spider-man books. Some of these I’m sure you know of such as The Amazing Spider-man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man, and Ultimate Spider-man but there’s one book that some Spider-man fans have never considered: Spider-man Loves Mary Jane. Instead of a book about action and fighting it is a book about gossip and heartache. I know what you’re thinking, “Wait Darren, aren’t you a guy?” And yes, yes I am but this book offers a lot to all ages both males and females. Spider-man Loves Mary Jane is written by Sean McKeever (Gravity, Countdown) and is penciled by Takeshi Miyazawa (Runaways) and David Hahn (Bite Club). Instead of being focused on Spider-man the book is about the woman behind the man, Mary Jane Watson. The book follows Mary Jane’s life as she goes through high school. Other characters also appear in this book such as Flash Thompson, Harry Osborn, and of course Peter Parker. Mary Jane faces many conflicts throughout this story not so much fighting and more along of the lines of trying to get on the lead for the school play. A great aspect of this comic is that you get to see a side of Peter Parker’s life that is previously unexplored. It gives an in depth look at the one of the most famous couples in comic history. Another important detail about this book is that it is outside the Mainstream Marvel continuity. In this story there are small differences between the main storyline. One example is that Mary Jane lives with her parents instead of her aunt. Spider-man also appears throughout the story and interacts with Mary Jane. Sean McKeever also develops mannerisms that can be seen in both seen in Peter Parker and Spider-man but Mary Jane never seems to notice. Overall this book is a great story, which gives a great escape from the common superhero book. There are currently six trades out in stores and one hardcover (the second one coming out in August). Also the series is taking on a new creative team starting in August consisting of Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo) and Craig Rousseau (Perhapanauts). I urge everyone to go and read this book and to meet the woman behind the Spider-man.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (Deep Thoughts by Captain Clet)

Blog log line of the week! "Don't be an eagle, they soar too high. Be a pigeon and shit on everything." Amen brother! Still got a few books left to read, but, this week has been very nice. Very nice, indeed. (in the language of Scotty that means, "it's soooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood!")- Rob

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Words & Stuff: Everything is in Order

Yes! I finally have a keyboard again, which means its time to write an article. After seeing some of the horrible libel about The Order on this website, I have decided to correct it. The Order, written by Matt Fraction and penciled by Barry Kitson, is a ten issues series about the official superhero team of California in the Fifty States Initiative. Most of the characters in this team are totally new characters and are all very unique from each other. As this series started, I was skeptical at first because I personally have always had trouble getting into super books if I did not know of the characters themselves. I decided to give this series a shot and I fell in love with it. Each hero with totally different personalities and powers offers a wide range of interaction between them. Also each issue focuses mainly on one character with an interview at the beginning of the book and continues through out the issue by following their actions and mindsets. This allows me, as a reader, to quickly get to know these characters and actually care about what happens to them. Another interesting facet to this team is that the powers each character receives are modeled after Greek gods and that these powers cause great strain on the human body and can only be obtained for one year. And over the span of that year, the team faces many villains ranging from Namor to zombie-hobos, that’s right, zombie-hobos. With each passing issue I came closer and closer in touch with these characters and Matt Fraction continued to create heart aching and action packed scenes in every issue. And then it was cancelled. In pervious podcasts, Scott and myself raised our fists in anger at the marvel corporation for canceling this book but in interviews that seems to not be the case. In January 2008, Matt Fraction stated on Word Balloon, “the book wasn’t cancelled: I chose to end it. Marvel allowed me to choose to leave the stage, rather than to continue on in a state in which I felt was compromised and decidedly unawesome … if you’re looking for the man that killed The Order. It was me.” So Matt Fraction, the creator of the comic, ended The Order… you can’t really argue with that. Though The Order is gone Matt Fraction continues great work in comics such as Invincible Iron Man and Casanova. The Order has allowed me to take a different look at non-mainstream superheroes and has opened the doors for me to books such as Robert Kirkman’s Invincible and Rick Remender’s The End League. The Order will be collected into two trade paperbacks collecting the entire series. This is a book that belongs and every comic reader’s shelf.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ComicDorksCast Episode 017

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Running Time
: 01:17:17


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Blog Log # 2 (whaddup Dayron?)

Guess the Order still sucks, huh Darren?

Blog Log # 2 (she's my best girl she's got six strings and she knows all about these heartbreakin things)

What can I say that Scotty didn't say better, so if you haven't read the post before this stop and read it now. (you fools!) Lucero totally rocked. Since Scotty did such a fine job of letting you know how the show was I will use this blog log to mention a few other things. A band like Lucero or any number of other "van bands" are out there traveling around trying to bring joy to the hearts of us music lovers. Most of the time broke, hungry, lonely, and livin it. So next time you see a band like this do your part. Buy merch (cds, shirts, pins etc.) and help these guys keep on keepin on. I understand better than anyone what it's like to be broke and spend your last dollar to get into a show (the dirty looks from bartenders when you ask for water is thanks enough) so don't take it to hard. Another thing, be aware of your surroundings. If you are big and notice a small person behind you let them get in front. You don't want to not be able to see, so don't help someone else not be able to see. Just think, if you are standing in front of a short person they might be looking at your ass all night. (you know what they say about first impressions) Look out for Ben (front man for Lucero), with Chuck (from Hot Water Music), and Tim Barry doing a solo tour together. That's all folks... for now.- Captain Cletus

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Lucero

I have only recently begun to really appreciate live music. That is something a lot of people who know me can't really wrap their heads around. I have somewhere around 1700 CDs and am something of a addicted collector of music. But for a long time concerts just meant going to a smokey bar or annoyingly large venue where I would only be able to hear the instruments and not the singer ... but sometime around the time when I went to go see my friend's band The Bureau play at Mississippi Nights (one of the best concert venues I have ever been in ... and it will most certainly missed). Shortly thereafter I started attending a whole lot of concerts in the Saint Louis and Columbia venues ... but mostly all bands I was already rather familiar with. Part of me still thinks that a first experience with a band should be with an album, something that the band has taken their time with and one where they have had the chance to perfect the sound. So, when our good friend Rob told me that I had to go to The Creepy Crawl to see Lucero play I was just a little bit hesitant. But. I had nothing else to do on Friday night and I have started to think that maybe I should start expanding the kinds of shows that I attend. So, when I showed up at The Creepy Crawl and heard the first of two really crappy opening bands play I started to think that maybe Rob had lead me down the wrong path. By the time that Rob and his friends had arrived I was still a little wary, but I had paid my $12 so I figured that I should stick around and at least give the band a shot.

I am glad I did.

Lucero is what happens when Punk meets Country. (The opposite, or when Country meets Punk would more accurately be described as the sound you get from Hank Williams III)

And if you think that sounds weird then you don't understand how close the spirits of Country and Punk truly are. Lucero sings songs about love and loss and war and guitars. They drink heavy and learn what is necessary to make music and little more. What is called Punk and what is called Country on the radio these days isn't what either genre truly is. This was one of the most spirited shows I have ever attended, the fans were feverish and empassioned. The band was incredible and I cannot possibly reccomend more strongly that you get out there and find some of Lucero's music. They will make you cry ... in a good way.