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Friday, September 19, 2008

Blog Log #2 (Quote of the Week)

Happy Friday everybody! Guess what? Yep… it’s quote of the week time. (Well, it’s late Thursday for me and all you folks are stacking Z’s.) Like my pal Dayron I’m feeling the pressure of time constraints that leave me with a small, weird window of time to fulfill my doo-tees. “How much data will your brain store before turning into sludge?” You hear that Dayron? Our lives are in danger! “You know, being as we haven’t actually done anything. Ever.” But Dayron, “That’s the game we’re playing here, hillbilly, and if you can’t handle that, get your ass back behind the 7-11 counter where you belong.” (To the first people that encounter me in the morning- sorry guys, I love my visits. Your coffee is always hot, you energy drinks are always cold, your smiles are always bright, and I’m always a bear. Those were one-eyed eagle’s words, not mine. And Darren I think we know who the hillbilly is.) Always remember Dayron, “Grin and Bear it, Visionary.” “Trust me. It’s better than not knowing.” Even when you want to, “tropelet emoh!” Now to move on to Dick, “You can’t beat karma.” That quote is for the Titans fans out there. You know what page this should be on? Beings this blog has been a little heavy handed I will leave it with one word, but plural, “Nuts.”

You have probably noticed that the quote of the week has become the quotes of the week. As long as these books are this good how can I choose just one quote? To be honest, I’m cheating. I have only read… maybe half of my books. (Not only am I short on time I am short on the funds. Not to worry, I’ll be getting the rest of my books tomorrow.) Not to make any promises but this blog could come with a director’s cut. We will have to wait and see. - Rob


levithepirate said...

What the hell did I just read???

Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

the quote of the week. the idea is i find words in comics that i think are informative, interesting, or funny. this week it just so happened all the quotes reflected a conversation darren and i had. i encourage everyone to leave quotes they find in a comments, so if you have any lay them on us and if you are wondering what books these words came from all you got to do is ask. hope that helped.