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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (loneliest hump day ever!)

Howdy folks! As you know it's new comic book day and we have NO NEW BOOKS! It'll be alright, they will be here soon. Since I am a kind hearted fella, I am here to supply you with a pre-blog log quote of the week. I've been reading Brubaker's run on Batman (which has been as good as it sounds) for the last few days. This takes place just after No Man's Land, through Murderer, Fugitive, and right into Gotham Central. ( Gotham Central is up their with the best stories DC has ever produced, baleedat!) Greg Rucka was on Detective during this time, as well! If you are interested (and if your not, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your station in life) shoot us an e-mail or just leave a comment on this post and I will tell you everything you need to read this story, just like me. (I know everybody wants to be me! It's all about self lovein' and ego, get that noggin as big as you can.) Any Checkmate fans out there really need to get these books to complete their Checkmate run, as well. Anywho (I always hated that word. How bout you? I mean, anywho? Really who says things like that?) this is about a qoute, right? "Why is the right wing so threatened anytime someone wants to examine things on an intellectual level? Why does every response have to be an attack?" (This could be the funniest thus far. If I dropped an F-bomb Propagandhi might even be proud.) Aw hell, here's another one. "Tobacco is Whacko... if you're a teen."(So if you are 12 or younger smoke em if you got em. Same for you 20 and older folks too! Thank you to Lorillard Tobacco company for this wise advice. You are a true sage.) Be talkin' to you soon, Rob

p.s. Any music lovers out there? Lucero @ the Creepy Crawl this Friday! That's the 30th of May. You never know I might see you around a "rack". (I shoulda got paid for an advertisement like this!)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Tales of The Black Freighter

From Newsarama's Blog: http://blog.newsarama.com/2008/05/26/can-tales-of-the-black-freighter-save-the-dvd-market/

The New York Times delves into the release of the direct-to-DVD Tales of the Black Freighter, which drops the week after the Watchmen movie comes out next spring. With DVD sales growing softer, Warner’s hoping that by releasing a tie-in with a theatrical event, they can help jumpstart the market and retailer interest:

The second film, tentatively called “Tales of the Black Freighter,” follows a side “Watchmen” storyline about a shipwreck and will arrive in stores five days after the main movie rolls out in theaters. The DVD will also include a documentary-style film called “Under the Hood” that will delve into the characters’ backstories.

Warner, the No. 1 distributor of DVDs, bills the effort as a way to renew retail excitement for little silver discs now that the once-booming market has matured.

After years of blistering growth, domestic DVD sales fell 3.2 percent last year to $15.9 billion, according to Adams Media Research, the first annual drop in the medium’s history. While it is still a blockbuster business, any decline is cause for concern because DVD sales can account for as much as 70 percent of revenue for a new film. Results for the first quarter this year were mixed, with overall sales flat but notable softness for some new releases like Warner’s box office hit “I Am Legend.”

Freighter will be animated, but according to a Warner rep has a budget that’s 30 percent to 50 percent higher than a typical direct-to-DVD project. Watchmen direct Zack Snyder says he was happy to do the DVD, because it meant he could use more material from the graphic novel.

ComicDorksCast Episode 016

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Running Time
: 01:13:39


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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (HOW TO START A WAR!!!)

I just wasted precious time that I will never get back. Two words; Shit samich, steaming pile, Doo Doo, the brown, or The Order. What the hell man? Who cares about a stupid team in Californ I A? Would you believe Neil Young was quoted amoungst other fine people through out this bottomless pit of tripe.( sorry Neil! I'm trying to piss two people off right now. Remember me I was the guy who paid nearly $100 to see you? Your lucky, it was worth every penny not that you should continue to stick it to us poor fans.) What kinda hippy crap is that? Not groovey and I don't dig it ...man. Upon completeing this series I thought, what should I do now? So I dropped a duece and wiped my sweet ass with the pages. That's right Pepper caught a glimpse of my good side. You know maybe I have found a use for the Order. Nope, paper cuts. Turns out the Order has no use at all. Frankly, I'm suprised Matt Fraction put his name on the cover. You hear that guys? Whaddup now? Eat it, poop it out, eat it again, and love every second of it! - your pal, Devil's Advocate


Friday, May 23, 2008

Blog Log #2 (two mornin's after)

Hey hey hey it's fat Robert! I just finished my stack of new comics and good golly Ms Molly, what a week. I turns out I got current on Birds of Prey just in time for a new issue. Therefore, I got to see two of my favorite characters go at it with a nice little twist to add to the glory that is this book. How about that Cap issue? Brubaker just... totally rocks! We say so long to Loveless. I can't wait to read this run beginning to end.( can we have a moment of silence for the fine people of Blackwater?) We say hello to Bruce Jones on Checkmate. Did he pass the test? Check out the show to find out. This week also gave us more to Secret Galactica in Mighty Avengers( this event has been absolutely fanfreakintastic) as well as many other life changing books that are destined to be talked about by your favorite dorks. Now on to the quote of the week "Will you please give it a rest, Captain Man-Boobs?" ( it was a toss up this week. I decided not to go with the one about jism. Your welcome!) In closing I would like to recommend that you start streching now, so that you are prepared for the next episode of the ComicDorksCast. Its sure to be a doozey. - Rob

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blog Log #2 (Giggity Giggity Oh Yeah)

Howdy folks! I just got current on Birds of Prey and if feels nice. I started with Simone and made a smooth transition to Bedard to Mckeever back to Simone for one issue then back to Mckeever. This was done very seamlessly. I must admit it took me a while to realize the characters had faces, if you know what I mean. This book has Black Canary, Babs, Jim, Huntress, Lady Shiva, Baby Shiva (Sin), Lady BlackHawk, Savant, Creote, and Misfit.( sorry to all I did not mention) Not to mention many appearences of your favorite major DCU players. Birds of Prey is a great hero book. There is use of funny, action, mini skirts, bubble booties, and drama (done correctly). I recommend this book to any DC fanboy or anybody that loves a great story with an all star cast. Read it or you might be labled a sexist. Read it or Misfit will have her daaaaaaaaaark veeeeeeeengence on you. Wednesday is fast approaching, are you ready? Rob

p.s. I heard the Dixon stuff was pretty great as well. I still need to track it down, so I don't know. Let me know if you know.

p.s.s. (two words) VISTA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my XP back you bastards

Monday, May 19, 2008

ComicDorksCast Episode 015

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Running Time
: 01:07:06

  • 00:04:58 - Rob and Scott really liked Aaron Lopresti & Gail Simone's Wonder Woman #20
  • 00:11:17 - Darren's Pick of the week - Thunderbolts #120
  • 00:16:24 - The Dorks let no one rest in peace in Batman #676
  • 00:24:09 - Scott's Pick of the week - 100 Bullets #91
  • 00:33:47 - Scott was the only one who read Guardians of The Galaxy #1 and the rest of The Dorks missed out.
  • 00:36:04 - Rob's Pick of the week - newuniversal: Shockfront #1
  • 00:43:04 - Scott's Best Trade of Last Month - Life Sucks OGN
  • 00:44:44 - Rob's Best Trade of Last Month - Birds of Prey: The Battle Within TP
  • 00:50:11 - Darren's Best Trade of Last Month - Girls Vol. 1 Conception
  • 00:53:23 - All the News of the Dork
  • 01:01:17 - Scott's Anticipated Books for May 21st
  • 01:01:48 - Rob's Anticipated Books for May 21st
  • 01:02:47 - Darren's Anticipated Books for May 21st
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Trying to Tune in to Radio Heads

So, Rob called me out (technically he called Darren out too but Darren doesn't have a functioning keyboard right now so I guess it is up to me). Yeah, last week Darren and I and a group of our mutual friends went out to see Radiohead, live, at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater ... and despite the performances being amazing, and the set list being stellar I just couldn't enjoy myself. Every song was awesome. The stage was beautiful, couldn't have been a nicer night to go to a concert outside ... but. What this show did, in all it's magnificence and glory, was show me just how much I hate (HATE) big concert venues. Everyone on the stage was like a centimeter tall, all these people kept moving through the crowd, the ground was still a little wet from the previous night's rain, there was an abundance of smoke (of both kinds) in the air, it was the last thing I want from a concert. When I go to a show I like to be able to sit down and enjoy something resembling an intimate experience with the band I have paid my hard earned money to see. But none of that was to be had. When I go to shows at The Pageant, The Creepy Crawl, The Blue Note, The Duck Room, The Billiken Club, hell even at The Red Sea ... I feel like I am in the same headspace as the crowd and the artist and the music itself. When I go to big venue shows I barely feel like I am in the same Zip Code ... but that's just me. I understand that there is no other way to see Radiohead anymore ... I understand that I could have paid more money and possibly have been closer ... I understand, trust me ... it doesn't mean I have to like it though. And as much as I appreciate Radiohead shucking the man off their back and releasing their record themselves and doing it in such a way as to be the opening shot in the revolution (Even though Harvey Danger did it first) against the way that music has been made available to the masses I still don't think that gives them the right to charge $40 for a t-shirt ...

But anyway.

Blog Log # 2 (One white dude without his shirt on shakin it while trying to fly away using his shirt as a helicopter!)

Here we are night two of this blog log. Jeff- many nice guitars and voice, John- Bass, Guitar, and Voice, Nels- Lap steel and guitars, Glenn- percussion, Pat- keys, guitar, shaky type instruments, and voice, Mikael- keys a.k.a Wilco. What can I say... except they rocked it. Nels Cline is a monster!!! Tommygun was right. Nels is not from this planet. Dare I say it? Nels Cline is God! Now that I got that out, I will move right along with this blog log of greatness. Wilco looks like a band of six guys who love being able to do what they do with their friends and make the most wonderful sounds while doing it. We are lucky enough to be included in this equation. I got to catch the first two nights of the three night stand. ( I'm gonna go ahead and say this was a hometown show. Check yo'self fool!) I'm sure tonight was pretty excellent. Helm told me all the songs I didn't get to hear. The two that stung most were Pick up the Change and Bob Dylan's Beard, which Tweedy wore his white jumpsuit( in the fasion of Gram) with what appeared to be roses embroidered all over it to perform these numbers as well as the rest of the show. Still I remain a man of stone. It doesn't even matter. An 8 yr old dream of mine was fulfilled. John singing It's Just That Simple with Tweedy strapping on the Bass. Wow!!! I tried to rip Molly's arm right out of the socket ( which she found very romantic) as screams of a 12 yr old little girl came out of my lungs. (this too, very sexy) This is the third and most tight Wilco I have seen. Seeing Hotel Arizona @ the Blue Note when Jay was still around was pretty cool but Wilco is 100% professional when it comes to the music nowadays. Pat gives us The windmill as well as the duck walk, Glenn is the hardest working man in rock and roll (sorry Wayne) Molly used the Animal comparison. She's right, you muppet freaks need to realize. Animal learned some control and is now playing in Wilco under an alias, Mikael's keys are steller, Nels ( I believe I said enough about Nels earlier) John (one of the two constants in this band) is steady as a mule, Jeff a true showman if I ever had seen one, and together they are unstoppable. Wilco is to be seen live and not taken for granted. Their albums are great but their shows are undeniable. I'm proud to say that I stand witness to hearing these words escape Tweedy's lips, " It's good to be home." You said it, I heard it, and I'm holding you to it. As St. Louisians ( obviously counting as far out as Wentzville even Troy) we get to hear Jeff sing songs for his dad. We get Casino Queen. We get New Madrid. We are truley lucky, don't forget it! Do we whine and complain too much? You tell me. So... Wilco... let's crank out a new album and be back in the fall? What do you say guys? You wanna come back home? I know you just left but this is home right? Alright enough,Thanks Wilco for rocking- Captain Cletus Whiteheart

P.S. The titles of these blog logs are based on a true story. I was there. I sat behind him. It was awesome if I have ever seen awesome.

for more info or to see pictures of handsome men check out http://www.wilcoweb.com/

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (What's more funner than a bunch of white people dancin?)

Since Mr. Does and Mr. Don't seem to be to depressed to tell you about the Radiohead show ( don't worry guys captain cletus is here to make things better) I will let you know what you have missed the last two nights in the STL. Wilco, one of the best live rock and roll shows out there, @ the Pagent. For some lucky people Wilco is playing three nights in a row and they get to go. Not me ( can you hear the tears hit the keyboard) I get to go back to the job. Beings it took two nights to see what I saw, this review will come at you in two parts. This is the end of part one. Stay tuned, Captain Cletus

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (oh the glory of hump day)

Oh Samson you are so mighty. You and your dreamy long locks and big burly beard. I can almost see you walking around in sandals and a t-shirt. If you were real you would probably sell comic books and have a podcast. How I envy your greatness and long to be by your side. Oh mighty Samson someday I will grow up to be you. ( know what I mean Scotty?) It was a pretty fantastic week for comic lovers. One of my favorite books this week was Superman #676. This book brought together Supes, Alan Scott, and Grundy to celebrate memorial day in spandex and all. Within these pages we discover who Supes favorite Golden Age hero is. Was there ever any wonder who it could be. Supes owes his life to the Knight family! Now we find ourselves one issue away from embarking upon Superman stories told through the pen of James Robinson. It makes sense we would see Grundy and hear mention of a man who is a star or a star who is a man,oh hell it's Starman! Strap in, it is surely gonna be a fantastic voyage. On to the Blog Log quote of this week, " Maybe we can do somthing with that dumb midwest cracker hair. Like shave it off."
Well this cracker says stay tuned for the podcast where I will show you that the word dumb and midwest should never be placed in the same sentence, I ain't no god damn sumnabitch you better think about that baby. So yee-ha! y'all comeback now. Rob

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: My Current Favorite Novelist

Cory Doctorow has, over the last 10 months or so become one of my favorite novelists. Right now I would say that he is my favorite. He writes science fiction that varies from the far flung future to future present. One of the reasons that I like Doctorow so much is that he is a really smart writer, and I think that is undeniable. He writes well constructed prose and in addition he creates believable characters (which considering the characters he has created is really a difficult idea to grasp). I have read all 4 of his novels in a really brief time considering that I haven't really read novels for pleasure in quite a few years. I also really like Doctorow because he shucks common thought about copyright. He makes his novels available for free online as well as in print in book stores all over the world. And if you want to know why he does this all you have to do is read one of his books. He wants all knowledge to be available to all those who seek it. He wants people to be able to do what they wish with the things that they buy. He explains it far better than I ever could.

If case you are interested in reading some of his works I will provide some of the links to his novels:

Little Brother: Text and HTML

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town: Text and HTML

Eastern Standard Tribe: Text and HTML

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom: Text and HTML

They are all really fun and really smart, some are really strange, some are pretty understandable. But I think, if you read them, and think about them, that they just might change the way you look at the world.

ComicDorksCast Episode 014

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Running Time
: 01:17:13

  • 00:03:04 - Fresh off the end of The Order Fraction goes all Invincible Iron Man #1
  • 00:11:17 - Rob's Pick of the week - Detective #844
  • 00:17:37 - The Boys talk The Boys #18
  • 00:27:19 - Scott's Pick of the week - Maintenance #10
  • 00:31:37 - Nothing secret about our opinions on Secret Invasion #2
  • 00:40:05 - Darren's Pick of the week - HOUSE OF MYSTERY #1
  • 00:48:10 - Rob's Best Book of Last Month - Catwoman #78
  • 00:50:33 - Darren's Best Book of Last Month - Checkmate #25
  • 00:53:09 - Scott's Best Book of Last Month - Boy Who Made Silence #2
  • 00:54:30 - All the News of the Dork
  • 01:07:30 - Scott's Anticipated Books for May 14th
  • 01:09:24 - Rob's Anticipated Books for May 14 th
  • 01:10:41 - Darren's Anticipated Books for May 14th
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Westerns

This is the first of what will probably be a series of articles all about the comics I read that don't feature a single spandex clad superhero in their pages, however instead of talking about individual comics I will first be talking about genres so buckle in for what will be a fun ride.

What is it about men who ride horses, carry six shooters, and wear 10 Gallon hats that fascinates me so? I don't know that I will ever know for certain. It all started when I was very, very young and I started waking up at around 5:30 in the morning to watch the old black and white Lone Ranger television show. There was some sort of instant connection for me and to this day I don't know where it came from. As I grew up I sort of lost my connection to the wild west. Sure I would watch the occasional movie here and there and some became fast favorites for one reason or another. Perhaps it is the ethical and moral ambiguity that the characters live in. Perhaps it is the same reason that I love noir. In essence the truly good westerns and the truly good noir stories are separated only by time and attire. But movies like Unforgiven, Once Upon A Time in the West, and television shows like Deadwood, The Lone Ranger developed in me an appreciation for the wild west. And it was only a matter of time and sufficient exposure that I became as big a fan of western comics.

To be honest I don't know what took me so long. I suppose that since a majority of comics that we are exposed to as an audience are super hero comics that it takes some of us longer to allow our focus to shift to stories that are other than those of capes, spandex, and cowls. But it also has to do with the cyclical being that is the comics market. It has only really been in the last 5 or so years that there has been a consistent readership for westerns. But if you are willing to venture outside your comfort zone and read books that are spandex free then you are in for a treat.

From the immensely dense to the instantly accessable westerns run the same gamut as normal comics. With tales of the weird wild west like Wildstorm's (and later IDW's) Desperadoes by Jeff Marrioette and a slew of really great artists, The Big Book of The Weird Wild West, Zuda Comics' High Moon, Doug Tenapel's Iron West, as well as others striking that chord in all of us that yearns to see Zombies, Werewolves, Robots and what ever else you could imagine to the familiar setting of the American West. The Dark Western tales like Brian Azzarello's Loveless and El Diablo from DC's Vertigo line as well as DC's wonderful anti-hero, penned by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, Jonah Hex bring the wonderful ethical ambiguity that is so familiar to Noir and is more akin to the spaghetti westerns of film. And of course the more traditional westerns like The Lone Ranger and Bat Lash that continue the genre that most everyone is already so familiar with.

Westerns are fast becoming a go to genre for the great creators in the world of comics and I think that if you are looking for something great to read that you aren't already reading that perhaps a western is in your future, and if it isn't it probably should be.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (My name is Cletus. I know Things!)

Hey Hey Hey it's Fat Robert! Howdy folks just wanted to mention a few things. First, I love seeing Bendis and Maleev back together again but Layla in her undies with boobies? What up Alex? Trying to make me feel bad about myself, well have your laugh Mr. Maleev. As of today I reached my peak (or peek) of that dirty ol' man feelin, thanks big guy. How about Mila starring as Daisy. Pretty cool. Thanks to X-factor: The Quick and The Dead I got to see Layla how I like to.( as a little kid!) Anyway Mighty Avengers was totally freakin sweet. Great, now I sound like Peter.( giggity, giggity, oh yeah! ) Maleev, you are still one of the greats in my book. Second , the first ever blog log quote of the week "Let's make out and whip up more plans for mass slaughter." (Smooooooooooth!) You know it? You got a better one? If so email it to us. You never know, you might hear your named dropped on the best show in the modern world. Thirdly, it was an amazing week for comics so the show will probably be prettyfreakinawsome so don't miss it. If you do miss it you might just suck, I don't know I'm not here to judge. later for now, Rob

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (my old friend the blues, there's nothin lonelier than that)

It has been a sweet folkin' start to a summer of great shows. Tonight I write you still in awe of what I witnessed. Steve Earle solo (well almost) and acoustic. His wife opened up for him, I would tell you her name but then you wouldn't be forced to check this stuff out. She has a beautiful voice and great fingerpickin style of playing. As Steve strolled out on stage I was on the verge of exploding all over my friends as well as everyone within a 100 yards of me, in all directions. Yeah I did just say that, I only talk in truth. For years I have been a Steve Earle fan, that can't get into the Dukes stuff. Therefore, I would only see him solo acoustic like a Texan song writer should. Little did I know I would get my chance. The real dream is to see Townes play live and Steve is as closest as I see possible to this. (beyond dvds) Steve is to Townes as Ramblin Jack is to Woody or Zimmerman to Woody for you younger folks. Speaking of Dylan good job Scotty, "don't critize what you can't understand, your sons and your daughters are beyond your command your old road's rapidly aging please get outta the new one if you can't lend a hand" (on piano! it kinda made me a bit puffy) Back to Steve, this is about Steve right? he unleashed an arsenal on us tonight; a couple sweet axes made by Mr. Martin, a steel gitbox all nice and chrome like, a banjo, a Bazooky ( i can't spell or talk for that matter. the word I just made up is for an instrument sorta like a large mandolin) and a mandolin. Did I mention he blew harp in about 85% of the the songs he played. If that hasn't got your goat, he had an Athens fella on turntables supply beats on a handful of songs.(again find out for yourself what his name is. you got a computer right?) We even got to see all three sing together. Any fans of the Wire should know who Steve Earle is. He makes appearences in shows as well as the theme song for the show, which was written by Tom Waits "way down in a hole" off of the album frank's wild years. I, unfortunately, have not watched the Wire due to the fact that there is 10,000 hours of Homicide Life on the Street to go through first. So, you Wire fans that missed the show, you know who you are, shame on you. Lastly, I would like to mention that this is two shows in a row that have been smoke free. Sorry smokers but it is pretty awesome leaving a show without burning eyes and reeking of your bad habits. Say what you will but my bad habits smell fantastic. There you have it another great show in STL. your pal, Captain Cletus Whiteheart

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

ComicDorksCast Episode 013

Download Directly:
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Running Time
: 01:19:28

  • 00:02:54 - The terrible art does not disturb our enjoyment of Action Comics #864
  • 00:09:56 - Scott's Pick of The Week: Ex Machina #36
  • 00:16:18 - We zero in on the controversial DC Universe Zero
  • 00:31:29 - Darren's Pick of The Week: Thor: Ages of Thunder - One Shot
  • 00:35:35 - Continuing the week of controversy New Avengers #40
  • 00:40:07 - Rob's Pick of The Week: Green Lantern #30
  • 00:45:05 - A rundown of some great free Net Comics
  • 01:12:05 - Scott's anticipated books for May 7th
  • 01:12:57 - Darren's anticipated books for May 7th
  • 01:13:50 - Rob's anticipated books for May 7th
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The Music at the opening and closing of the show was: "The Times They Are A-Changin'" by Bob Dylan.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blog Log #2 (Cold and Dead In STL)

Last night folks, an amazing thing happened. Wlliam Elliott Whitmore @ Off Broadway! Willy is a man who has a voice that has lived many a lifetimes all sustained on chain smoking and jugs of whisk-a-ney. One man, one tenor banjo, and an acoustic gitbox under a swing, filled the stage. To set the mood he opened with an accapella number called Cold and Dead. I was lucky enough to be standing next to the legendary Joe Metro who was wearing a smile and sporting whiskey breath, all at the same time. Iowa has surely given birth to a man that has the job to keep the music this country was raised on alive. Stay tuned to blog log #2 to hear me mention another fella. If you are alive you should be checking out Whitmore. As Scotty would say if you don't like Willy you dont have a soul. He deserves all your money, so don't be greedy, buy his albums. You can check him out on my space, i tunes, or walk into your local cd store and demand them to order his cds. lastly, I would be be doing a great disservice to the female gender if I didn't mention how appreciated the tattooed rocker chicks beautiful dresses were. They don't hold a candle to my gal (I love you baby!!!) but lets keep this trend alive. Now don't be gettin dirty on me these dresses are classy, not made for a modern age floozy if you know what I mean. So check out William Elliott Whitmore or else!!! your pal, Captain Cletus Whiteheart

Friday, May 2, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Free Comic Book Day!

Don't forget that tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day and that every retailer with his wits about him will be giving away all kinds of goodies. So, head out to your Local Comic Book Store (or nearest Fantasy Shop if you know what's good for you) and bring your friends!


IRON MAN was totally awesome, go see it, then next Wednesday head to the comic store you went to for free comic book day and get Invincible Iron Man #1 and Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas #1 to see what Tony is up to these days!

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: A Bunch of Things


So, we here at The ComicDorksCast love comics, as should be well documented by now. But we also love other things. Like television, movies, music, novels, the internet, technology, and well ... anything we can get our hands on I suppose. Like I mentioned last episode we are going to be expanding our coverage here on The ComicDorksCast website. The Podcast will always be about the weeks comics and the news and the things we are excited about in the world of comics. But, the site is going to become more representative of all of our interests.

And so I bring you the following:


Went to a concert last night at The Billiken Club, over in the student center at Saint Louis University. It was Caribou (who you heard in the opening and closing music on Episode 12) with the band F**k Buttons opening for them. It was a really great show. Caribou blew my mind. For a band that sounds so intricate on studio albums to sound so great live was a real surprise to me (despite my having seen Explosions in the Sky live). I am really starting to understand and appreciate live music in a way I never really had before. And F**k Buttons re-opened my eyes to electronica and made picking up their album seem like the absolute right thing to do. Free concerts are scheduled all the time at The Billiken Club and if you're in the Saint Louis Metro area you really couldn't find a wider variety of acts on stage (despite the venue being kind of sub-par). Free show + Vitamin Water & a BBQ Beef tortilla Pizza for me ($7) + a Soda & Brownie for Steff ($3) + Caribou Tour CD & T-Shirt ($20) + F**k Buttons CD ($15) = $45 night out on the town and one hell of a time.


So, for a while now I have been using Twitter to keep apprised of the goings on of some of my favorite comics creators, podcasters, and NPR's top headlines, but in the last couple of days I have decided that it was probably time to start using it for myself and updating the goings on of my own life. So, if you are interested in following me on Twitter you can do so by heading over to www.twitter.com/Ronin_46 where you can hear what is going on in my life as well some really short comic reviews as I finish reading my books every week. Think of it as a chance to get inside my head.


I love television. I love the hour long drama format and I love the serialized story telling format. It's one of the reasons I love comics. I love the gap between episodes or issues, it makes my brain have to work through what might have happened in the issue and draw my own conclusions. But, I can't find the time to actually keep up on the television shows that I like. So, for a long time I would download them via Bit Torrent and watch them at my leisure. But that takes up a lot of hard drive space and requires more time than is sometimes worth committing. UNTIL! I found this website thanks to my friend Steff and it has been a total lifesaver. www.surfthechannel.com has a huge catalog of television shows that you can check out and watch full episodes of without the pesky frustration of having to download anything. Think of it as YouTube for television. SO CHECK IT OUT!


Cory Doctorow's new book "Little Brother" came out last week and I picked it up today. Having loved his previous three novels I knew I was going to buy this one, however if you are unfamiliar with Doctorow, no worries you can read all of his novels for free over at his website www.craphound.com or you can get the DRM free audiobook by clicking on the link provided on the sidebar of this very site.

See, we're more than just Comic Dorks!