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Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (Quote of the Week)

Well folks, its Friday and here is the quote(s) of the week. “As long as they are left alone to eat, sleep, watch their TV and fornicate, most of the human race will go along with whatever they are told to do.” There’s some food for thought. You might want to think twice before you go jumping off of any bridges. My advice is not to watch TV and fornicate at the same time; it might not end the way you want. That is unless you are alone, of course. Let’s learn from others mistakes. Speaking of mistakes “Whatever mistakes you made in the past stay there. Here and now is all that matters. That’s what I learned in the Big One.” Hope that satisfies your quote of the week problem for a bit. I have to run now. Can you hear them calling for me? “Hey Cap over here! Hey, Cap!” “Way to go Cap! Yeah!” “Hey Cap can we get a statement?!” “A picture for my wife, Cap?!” “ Over here, Cap, smile!” Geez… guys! There is only so much Captain Clet to go around. “Who are you people? What do you want from us?” Be here next week, same time and same place for your quote-tastic fix. –Rob

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