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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Living Up to Expectations

Green Lantern # 34

Writer- Geoff Johns
Pencils- Ivan Reis

This week brought us part 6 of the Secret Origin arc and man oh man can this book get any better? Green Lantern has been one of the best books at DC since Rebirth. Would you expect anything less from Johns? He has proved his amazing storytelling abilities time and time again. Secret Origin has taken us back in Hal’s past to the days of him becoming Green Lantern. From the Abin Sur crash to a Sinestro team up. Johns has left no stones unturned. In this issue we watch as Hal gets some great advice from the greatest Green Lantern of them all but the real question is will Hal be able to overcome what dwells inside? We see Hal accomplish a task that is supposed to be impossible for any Green Lantern, as well as, an Earth shattering insight to the Ferris family. I must admit for a character that I thought was rather bland and without a personality this story has been packed with emotions. Now with one issue remaining in the Secret Origin story we await to see what will happen next in the evolution of Highball Jordan. Who is really the greatest Green Latrine of them all? If you want to know you should be reading this book.

Detective Comics # 848

Writer- Paul Dini
Pencils- “all we are is” Dustin Nguyen

It is no wonder this book always seems to be a book we love to talk about. Anybody out there that has been reading this story knows how great it is. Everybody else needs to find out. Paul Dini has led us into the world of Hush and it is not pretty. In this issue we see what Scarecrow has been up to and why he has taken to terrorizing a young boy by the name of Colin. We get another hint to what lies beneath Hush’s bandages and what Selina is up to since her book has been cancelled. This issue is the third in a five-issue arc containing the life of Bruce Wayne leading to the events in R.I.P. and there is a thorn, we will call Hush, twisting in Batman’s side. Hush told Bruce he would strike from a distance and that is exactly what he is doing. We know that Hush has been performing plastic surgery on himself and now we know that someone has seen the work he has done. Judging by the reaction we got, I believe it is a face we will all recognize. The only question remaining is whose face is it? Hush beware, now you are messing with my people. Your Indiana Jones rip off is bush league to the wrath I will call down on your ass… Check yourself fool!

Guess I know how to pick 'em!- Rob

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