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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Living Up To Expectation: Squadron Supreme 2 # 3

(Yep, I know This book came out 2 weeks ago. The thing is I had two anticipated books that were trade paperbacks and Avengers Initiative. Which, you read a brief mention about the last issue. So, not to wear it out I chose Squadron Supreme. But, everybody should be reading Avengers Initiative.)-Rob, with no help from Scott.

Writer- Howard Chaykin

Artist- Marco Turini

(This is a review. Traditional rules apply but you don't have to stop until the 2nd paragraph.)

This story of Squadron Supreme has seemed quite a bit different then the books leading up to this point. This point happens to be 5 yrs after the events in Ultimate Power. The books leading up to this story are as follows; Supreme Power, Squadron Supreme, a Dr. Spectrum mini, a Hyperion mini, a Nighthawk mini, a Nighthawk vs. Hyperion mini, and Ultimate Power. There is also a trade cleverly entitled Squadron Supreme from the mid- 80’s, written by Mark Gruenwald. I recommend all of it but feel Supreme Power, Squadron Supreme (JMS), and Ultimate Power are necessary. If you don’t want to read all that, just ask Scotty where to start. He’s more open to jumping onto things (in your endo) but he also understands a build up. So you might be screwed on this one. Before we start, I know… I know… you are saying, “ But, Rob it seems to be a new cast!” and now we will get to that.

Issue # 3 gives us more build up and more of the same story with the “new cast” including Ultimate Nick Fury, who oddly enough is doing Nick Fury things... ultimately. We get more of the grade A model student, you all know her as the strange (yet sexy) thing on the cover of this issue, and a plan. One of them “not so smart a lot of people could die even though it feels so right” kinds of plans, those always end so well. Then, we get to the highlight of this issue for me. An interesting conversation between two familiar faces, that leaves us to wonder when the “old cast” will be returning.

I believe Chaykin is doing a fine job of writing this book. I also believe this book is still building up to something that will finally fill the void. The whole story has been good but plagued with an abrupt stopping point. Then we got Ultimate Power, which sort of bridged a gap but was mostly a crossing over of two universes. Leaving Chaykin to pick up the pieces and put it back together. I have total faith that Chaykin will give me something to enjoy. And not to leave Marco out; I have no major complaints about the artwork. Good job, Marco! If you really want to know you should just read it. -Rob

***Robnotes version -issue # 3 (because, I too... have a short attention span)

This one scary dude with an eye-patch seems to be running shit. These other dudes are like the fantastic four, but dumber and they are running around. This chick version of Spiderman is on rooftops, talking and shit. Then this Dude like the Flash talks to a dude like Batman about some shit. Then these other dudes think they can escape, like they don’t know how scary the one-eyed dude is. Not to mention, dudes we haven’t seen yet. People will probably be destroyed. Like dead bodies everywhere. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, one dude looked like Iron Man and the world seems totally fucked up, like destroyed and shit.

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