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Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (Quote of the Week)

Well hello there again comic lovers, how you be? I guess you all know how great a week it was for comics? (It seems we may have a war on our hands.) Due to the amount of great words I read this week I couldn’t pick just one quote; therefore, this week we shall have a few. Now LETS… GET… READY… TO… MUMBLE! “Don’t mean to poop on the parade, but we still don’t know who we can trust here.” “Do not fight a fight you can’t win. Do not fight a fight against yourself.” “Love your family and live your life and wait for what is to come.” “AVENGEEERRSSS! ASSEMBLE!” Blog… Not… Over… Yet! “Precious. Human life isn’t precious. Not in general—Not everyone. People risk their lives everyday. They kill each other. If they don’t think their lives are important, why should I?” Thems big words for such a small fella. (Not talking smack, I like my brains inside my head.) Can I get a drum roll for the final quote of the week, please? And what would a blog log be without a dick or fart joke? (I don’t know, you tell me.) Since, I’ve touched on the poop angle here is the other side of the coin. “I still feel we should be covering our privates.” (Me too!) Surprise, Surprise, The Goon came out but did not make the cut. Tell me, have you seen any horsemen (or like four) lately?
– Rob

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