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Friday, February 20, 2009

Words & Stuff: Providing the Best in Comic Podcasting

In January 2008, Scott stated a simple want: “I want to do a comic podcast.” Hearing this, I was immediately on board. Unlike Scott, who has years of comic knowledge under his belt, I was relatively new to comics and didn’t know if I could keep up with the conversation. The next few weeks, Scott and I discussed how the show would be set up and how to differentiate from so many other comic podcasts out there. In February, we recorded our first episode. Needless to say I was nervous and not quite sure what to expect. But the show went flawlessly. Within the first two months, the podcasts became very enjoyable (except for maybe episode 7, you know what I mean Scott).

Though these episodes were great and provided a lot of excellent comic content, we both felt that something was missing. We decided to add another member. For weeks we searched looking for someone witty, charming, thought provoking, and someone who was well groomed… but instead we found Rob. So we officially became the three comicteers (cheesy I know) and Rob debuted on episode 8. With the introduction of Rob, I still remained the new comic reader. Though I have progressed throughout the years, I simply could not keep up with the knowledge of two comic shop workers. Though I do my best. So nearly 50 episodes passed packed full with band-aids, kittens, Broccoli quiches, and outtakes that will hopefully never see the light of day.

But through the last year of podcasting, it has truly been a joy. I’ve had the joy to watch our listeners steadily rise and number and even catch glimpses from famous comic creators. It has truly been a great experience and I wish to continue. In the fall, I will take a hiatus from the ComicDorksCast to study abroad in Nagoya, Japan. I will not be absent from the website though. I will continue a new column entitled “Dorks Abroad” where I will continue to read comics (as I get them) and also explore this whole …. manga…thing. But do not worry, I will return in the winter to resume my duties as a fellow comic enthusiast.

As a special this week, we will also be recording a special “Best of 2008” episode. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the finest in comic podcasting for over a year, the ComicDorksCast.

Picture #1 - Lex Luthor
Picture #2 - Scottums
Picture #3 - Douche
Picture #4 -Me, being really bored

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