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Thursday, February 12, 2009

What I’m Reading Now: Some Days I Wish I Was Cap’n Clet :(

Wheeeeew! Ah yeah… Bitches, what is up… Bitches? So like I’m taking a break from my rush duties to let you know what I’ve been reading. I tell you what, rushing a frat is hard work but totally worth it. You see I’ve been rushing a chapter of Masta Beta Alota and one day I will sit in the middle… if dreams do come true. Anyway, I have read some really cool stuff lately. Yes, comics. Though, I have been reading a lot of ruskie lit because that’s what college kids do to be cool… Wheeeeew! HELL YEAH!

A really cool run I have read recently was Mark Waid and Butch Guice’s team-up on a book called Ruse. Like my future self, Cap’n Clet, I am a huge fan of Detective stories which made this title perfect for me. Set in the interesting city of Partington their was a fella by the name of Simon Archard. He is the kind of guy you want on your side despite the fact he is brillant and knows it. (Simon is based on Sherlock.) Of course, behind every shitty man is a lady. In this case, the most astonishingly beautiful dame to every grace the pages of any book anywhere. The dame’s name is Emma Bishop. I can’t say that I saw an indication of what years this story takes place in, but I will say it was long enough ago. Defenitly, a time when people dressed properly. You know, when seeing an ankle was sexy as hell. Sometimes I wish I could see an ankle. I mean, I bet Cap’n Clet has seen a gagillion ankles… Someday I suppose?

The detective duo of Simon and Emma is perfect. He’s a dick and she is absolutely lovely, magical even. Now, Simon may be a master detective but Emma is not far behind. Not to mention, she pretty mush does all the hard work, while wearing the most amazing dresses. Nice to know chilvery is not dead. Beyond Emma and Simon this book contained a wonderful cast which included a pugalist. Yep, a goddamned pugalist. But the greatness in the cast does not end there. Another charming aspect of Ruse is that all these stories contained plays on historical events and folks. Ruse is an excellent read for anyone who enjoys mysteries written well with fitting humor to compliment the characters. Waid wrote Ruse from issue #1 thru issue #11 and co-wrote issue #12 with Scott Beatty, who happens to be a great writer in his own right. I guess that’s why he wrap up the run of Ruse. Guice provided art on all but two issues of his run with Waid. He also stuck around to wrap up this book with Beatty. And holy shit, his art is fucking fantastic. Sursly, the very definition of beauty. The other two issues were done by Jeff Johnson, with the other issue done by Paul Ryan. CrossGen really did something great by putting a book like Ruse out. Look out for the Ruse Omnibus it is a beaut! It is a must have for any lover of detective stories. Partington is a crazy little town with crazy little men with crazy little schemes. And they would have gotten away with them too, if it wasn’t for a pesky bastard and his dead sexy partner.

While I’m on the idea of ruse, I have an idea for a ruse. You see the quote of the week is always so awesome and I want to be awesome too. So I have prepared my own quote of the week. Ready… Set… Go!

Things that sould never be said on a first date:

1.“You know what’s been bugging me? Your hair.”

2.“Stifle it, bitch!”

3.“I had to shoot my baby girl in the face.”

4.“Whatever… Fuck her…”

**and the best quote in the history of quotes:
“Why are the pink lizards so nice but the blue ones don't let them play basketball in the clouds”

So what do you guys think will I ever be as awesome as Cap’n Clet?
-Maybe Someday Cap’n Dayron

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