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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Living Up To Expectations: One More Step Closer To Hal Jordan - Rainbow Lantern!

Green Lantern #38

Written By: Geoff Johns

Art By: Ivan Reis

Last time we left Hal Jordan he was listening to Misfits and wanting rip someone’s face off – particularly Sinestro’s. All right maybe not that exactly but he was looking pretty pissed off. Yet again another woman is destroyed because of Hal Jordan. I think Hal Jordan and Matt Murdock should team up and form THE AMAZING WOMAN DESTORYING DUO! (you can see that in previews any day now). As Blackest Night quickly approaches, many new corps are coming into existence and Scar continue to babble on about how we are all doomed in the “Origins and Omens” back-up story. But focusing on Green Lantern #38, Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis deliver another astounding chapter in continuing tale of the greatest green lantern, Hal Jordan (Alan Scott need not apply). Red, Yellow vs. Blue, Green? Or is it Red vs. Yellow, Blue, Green? Needless to say, there are a lot of colors fighting each other. Johns continues to unveil more aspects to these new lanterns including their strengths and particularly their weaknesses. So Jordan has already sported 3 colorful bling-bling (red, yellow, green), does he don a new color in this issue? My suggestion would be to go read it because this is one comic book not to miss. If Jordan continues to wear all these rings will we get to see a Rainbow Lantern? I have a feeling he would look a little like this:

With the end of the “Rage of the Red Lanterns” story arc, “Agent Orange” is next on the docket. Their rings powered by avarice (fancy pants term for greed), Johns has still got some ace’s up his sleeve (no gambit reference intended). Though many people seem to be anxiously awaiting “The Blackest Night” story arc, Johns and Reis continue to hold suspense with every issue and continue to make one of the greatest superhero stories ever told.

Also at the end of this issue we got a short Origins & Omens story. At first I was upset with this because it was cutting into my precious Green Lantern pages but realizing it was furthering the story I was content. Though I’m kind of curious, how much more can Scar continue to bleed? He/She should get his/her eyes looked at that. That’s not normal. But anyways, all-round and excellent issue and this comic continues to “go where eagles dare.”

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Scotty Don't said...

Captain Planet! He's our hero! Gonna take pollution down to zero, he's our powers magnified and he's fighting on the planet's side!