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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Grant Morrison's final Final Crisis Interview

If you don't frequent Newsarama then you might not have seen THIS last week or the follow up interview HERE. If you had questions about the end of Final Crisis I think that Morrison does a fantastic job of explaining how not only is everything that you need to know in the text but how it might not have been obvious if you only read Final Crisis once (The Dorks even had a rather protracted conversation during the taping of the most recent podcast that could have been completely solved had any of us actually read the narraration panels). There is certainly a whole lot to come from the fallout of what happened during Final Crisis from all over the internet and I doubt that I will be the first to mention this but I think that one of the brilliant concepts about the story that most people will forget or fail to notice is that the whole story is narrated by different characters as we go through to the completetion and thus it gains the feeling of having been a story of oral tradition, something that might be passed down from father to son for generations as opposed to the structured story that we get from Hollywood or any other mecca of fictional culture.
There has always been something about a story that doesn't tell me all that I need to know that makes me have to sort of infer on my own part at times and makes me want to seek out the knowledge at other times that I have loved and I think that when it was all said and done that Final Crisis was very much one of those stories and it will be something that I will find myself re-reading for the rest of my life.


Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5 Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe came out today and I think that it is the best volume of the series thus far. Congratualtions to Bryan Lee O'Malley, Oni, and everyone involved.

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