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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Brief Mentions: Robinson & Wood Continue to Impress

Superman #684
Written By: James Robinson
Art By: Jesus Merino

As “Faces of Evil” continues to show the darker side of the DCU, the same holds true within the pages of Superman #684 – Parasite. Part 12 in the continuing New Krypton story arch, every single issue is slowly becoming the “Top of the stack” reading week to week. Robinson, Johns, and Sterling really have a solid hold on these characters and the story they are trying to tell and it is us, the comic reader, who benefits. So many things happened in this issue that was great. Seeing Parasite again was obviously a plus, the opening monologue really set the tone for this issue and resounded the tone for the whole “Faces of Evil” event. It’s also an interesting aspect that Robinson introduces that the Parasite is actually addicted to his power – the ability siphon powers from others (basically a really fucked-up Rogue). It was also a heart breaking reunion between two old friends, Kal-El and Mon-El, still trapped in the Phantom Zone until a cure is found for lead poisoning. Robinson also continues to create a great story about The Guardian (see The Guardian one-shot) as he holds his rightful place at the already bruised and battered science police. And the end, once again, the divide between Earth and New Krypton widens. Jesus Merino offers stunning pencils to this book, which continues to make this book a joy to read. Part 12 in the New Krypton stories does not disappoint as Robinson, Johns, and Sterling continue to tell a story that is changing the face of the Krypton community forever.

Northlanders #14
Written By: Brian Wood
Art by: Ryan Kelly

Back in 2006 at Wizard World - Chicago, Brian Wood announced that he was going to begin a new project about the harsh lives of Vikings in a book called Northlanders. A year later this book first hit the shelves. Northlanders is a title that I have been with since its very conception almost three years ago and the book has still yet to disappoint. Three issues prior to this current issue, the former creative team of Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly (The New York Four, Local) came together again to tackle the story of Magnus and Brigid in “The Cross and Hammer” story arch. It’s been an amazing story filled with both violence and fatherly love. But the most unique part of this issue is the way Ryan Kelly is able to tell stories through images. The first and last five pages of this book does not have a single word but is no less as breathtaking and moving as the text filled pages. It’s a true testament to the talent of Ryan Kelly and the trust that Brian Wood has to let him fill ten pages of just pencils. It was another great chapter in the Northlanders epic and is a book that continues to get better and better.

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