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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brief Mentions: Johns Conquers with Three Legions

Legion of 3 Worlds

Written By: Geoff Johns

Art By: George Perez

Final Crisis ended last week with a finale of catastrophic proportions, but there is one title that continues to wave the Final Crisis banner. This title is none other than Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds. Written by Geoff Johns and art by George Perez, Legion of 3 Worlds not only focus on one legion, which is a handful itself, but on three legions from three separate universes. Needless to say, it’s a comic of epic proportions. But neither of these creators are new to writing such large casting and multiverse spanning stories. Geoff Johns currently has his hands pretty full with the JSA cast and also has the experience of writing large events such as Infinite Crisis & Sinestro Corps War (ever heard of ‘um?) But also George Perez did pencils on DC’s first multiverse crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths. Any person who is a fan of the previous mentioned titles should fall in love with this series. Geoff Johns, as he does with all his characters, has a great grasp of these characters and is able to use such a large cast of characters but still have a very focused, centralized story. George Perez’ pencils are very detailed and remind older fans of the original crisis that seemed so long ago. In Newsrama’s interview with Geoff Johns, Johns talks about advantage of having Perez on the team:

“The best thing about working with George is all the stuff he brings to it. Usually, I have to meticulously list every freaking detail and research it and scan it and put it all in there, just to make sure it's done right when I have something this big. But with George, I put all that stuff in there, but he goes another step beyond. The opening sequence is just insane. It's a Superman fan's dream. And every time I get a page, I just pour over it. The amount of detail he's putting in there, the amount of extra work, the amount of things he's adding I'm like, "There is a god. His name is George Perez." But it's all related to story. He's really thinking on story -- what's important to the characters and their emotional states, their conflicts, their relationships. He's just a brilliant storyteller.”

To be fully prepared for this title, reading the Actions Comics story arc featuring the Legion of Superheroes would be an excellent place to start though not essential to the story. Geoff Johns describes this book as “Robin to Grant’s (Grant Morrison) Batman.” Its there to be supportive and to overall empower the experience of Final Crisis. So as Final Crisis begins to fade, one banner still flies as heroes and villains are killed and some…born again.

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