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Monday, February 9, 2009

Brief Mentions: Jersey Gods #1

Jersey Gods #1

Written by: Glen Brunswick

Art by: Dan McDaid

I always find it hard to pick a Brief Mention on the weeks that I am hosting the show. It basically means that I have to find another book that could have been in the contention for Best Book You Didn't Read Last week. This week I was fortunate enough to have a really solid week of books that most people might not have picked up and so I had plenty of fodder for books that wouldn't get their proper share of time on the show. I ultimately decided that I would like to spend my time and my words telling you all about a book from Image called Jersey Gods from writer Glen Brunswick whose work I was familiar with from his colaboration with John Romita Jr. and his more recent mini-series from Image Killing Girl. I think that ultimately Brunswick is a talented writer who can be uneven at times but that Jersey Gods is clearly something that he cares a whole lot about and it's evident in his execution of this story. Many other writers wouldn't be able to make this story feel quite so accessable or nearly as interesting. The pull quotes on the back of the first issue really say it all: "Love at first sight! Jersey Gods took me to comic book heaven and immediately jumped onto my list of favorite new comics!" - Mike Allred, "Jersey Gods is fresh, fun and energetic - a great idea, an involving story, a winner right from #1. And Dan McDaid's artwork is astoundingly good. Check it out - you're gonna like it!" - Kurt Busiek, & "Part Jack Kirby, part Grant Morrison, Jersey Gods delights me with it's energy. This book has heart. Cosmic heart." - Mark Waid. I really don't think I should have to say much more about how awesome this book really is. McDaid's artwork is phenomenal and very much remeniscent of Jack Kirby as well as Tom Sciola (GODLAND). This is very much a story of connection between the godlike figures of superherodom and the fragility of the humanity that they protect. The heroes of this story are immediately recognizable as the kind of characters that Kirby created for both The New Gods and The Eternals. I think that if you like comics with a little more sense of humor and a really great heart and a romantic undertone then you've found your new home. Wrap up superheroes and humanity and you're on the right track.

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