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Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog Log # 2 (Quote of the Week)

“Boo.” Don’t be scured. Don’t… Be… Scured! It is just me, my babies. Crazy Uncle Clet. Now “Show me what’s in the back.” Ah... yeah. Now that we are all uncomfortable, lets get on with the quote of the week. First, “Bring the hippie back in.” That is a good idea. We should bring him back in, hose him off, cut his hair, and buy him a suit. One of them three-piece suits with a hat and matching Marlowe. (If there was only a way to stop his twirling.) Next, “Well that’s funny, ‘cos you all sound like yanks to me…” True dat!Lastly, “The ball’s in your court.” This would have been helpful if I talked smack on Dayron. You know like talked some of the “craziest shit” about him. But I didn’t so I used it in vain. I will strike at a later date. Oh yeah, “Well La Dee Da.” - Rob

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