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Monday, February 23, 2009

Brief Mentions: Somebody Get That Guy Some Skin Lotion Or Something

Hellblazer #252

Written By: Peter Milligan

Art By: Guiseppe Camuncoli

I love a comic that breaks the mold. Superheroes are cool and all don’t get me wrong. I love to see Hal Jordon thwart Sinestro’s devious plans; Batman once again beat the laugh out of the Joker, and Lex Luthor defeat Superman…. O wait vice versa (but a man can dream). But a book that can help break the monotony is a welcomed read. There are many titles that fulfill this need such as Criminal, House of Mystery, I Kill Giants, Young Liars and Northlanders but one book just has the right mixture that keeps me coming back for more. Hellblazer is a book that is always at the top of the comic pile. A chain-smoking Englishmen who was a punk rocker and not to mention a demon ass kicker – I say yes please. In this issue, Constantine is up to his usual shenanigans; killing scab babies and saving the world. Man if I had a nickel for every time I had to kill a scab baby…. But anyways, Hellblazer #252 is part two in the “scab” story arc written by Peter Milligan and art by Guiseppe Camuncoli. What is so great about this title is a constant rotating cast of creators. This offers an eclectic selection of creative touches, which leaves a lasting impression on the title as a whole. Milligan and Camuncoli successfully create a compelling story that puts all, including Constantine, in mortal danger. This issue, as weird as it may sound, will leave you saying “somebody get that guy some skin lotion of something.”

Frank Castle: The Punisher #67

Written By: Duane Swerczynski

Art By: Michel Lacombe
Punisher. Punisher. Punisher. What is there to say? Frank Castle: The Punisher #67 hit the shelves this week and as I have been since Ennis left – I was skeptic. Written by Duane Swerczynski and art by Michel Lacombe, Punisher continues his crusade against the corrupt underbelly of society. Part two in the “6 hours to kill” story arc, we find Frank in a situation he usually not it – under threat of death. 6 hours to kill is not just a eye-catching title, Frank literally has only 6 hours to kill. As discussed in last issue, Castle has been shot up with poison and has only six hours to live. With only six hours to live, Castle does what he does best, he maims, he hurts, and he kills. Though the story is great and the art is equal in its amazingness, I feel that there is slowly becoming a lack of complexity of the Punisher as was seen in the Ennis era. I won’t cast stones right now considering its only the second issue but I will keep my eyes open. If you like a nice, violent, Punisher story, this book definitely delivers. With all the gun shooting, head crushing, death-defying (read Project Superpowers) action we have all come to admire in our violent hero.

1 comment:

Jon Baker said...

I think Lacombe draws Frank to look like a damn fashion model. Hopefully he does not ruin Swierczynski's run on the book.