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Thursday, February 5, 2009

What I’m Reading Now: A Book That is Both Powerful and Super

Project: Superpowers

Written By: Alex Ross & Jim Krueger

Art By: Carlos Paul

We say a lot of shocking and weird things on the ComicDorksCast. Perhaps long time listeners will agree my colleague, Cletus Whiteheart, says the craziest shit of all. Some inappropriate and some hilarious but one book he has been preaching about since its conception is a book entitled Project Superpowers and all of Rob’s praise is well deserved. (**Now this book has been mentioned recently and also has an article written about it so I will keep this brief**) Project Superpowers, only an eight issue series (nine if you include the ½ issue), is a story ultimately about the redemption of an old golden age superhero, the fighting yank. Written by Alex Ross & Jim Krueger with art by Carlos Paul, Project Superpowers was a pleasant surprise. Not only does Ross and Krueger return to long forgotten golden age characters but also successfully creates a unique personality for each and provides an excellent story mixing both history and magic into one. After zero issue (art by Alex Ross) I didn’t think that the art could stand a chance in the actual series but Carlos Paul does an amazing job creating this new world and making it believable. All this praise aside, there was a few times where I called superpower bullshit on some of the characters. Where their powers seemed too convenient for the situation at hand. But overall, this is a compelling and unique story, which rivals Ross’ previous works, including Kingdom Come. So let’s give Cletus Whiteheart a hand for actually knowing what he’s talking about when it comes to comics…. hopefully he’ll read Bone now…hopefully. Enjoy!

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Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

nothing i say is crazy shit. you saying that is crazy shit. banana!