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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From The Dorks’ Soundtrack (Leave the Baby Makers Home- The Avett Brothers)

Song From Episode # 53

Performed by:
The Avett Brothers

From The Album
Four Thieves Gone

Out of Concord, North Carolina comes the only sound that rivals Missouri’s own Muff Potter (a.k.a. Muff Chowder). I will call it aggressive folk. Now you might say it’s country rock or it’s folk with a dash of punk. It’s progressive bluegrass or hell it’s even newgrass, and what the hell is aggressive folk? Well folks, aggressive folk it is and will remain… dig it. But, yes it contains influence from a wide variety of music and it is the Avett Brothers.
I have just recently been getting into these guys and it is kicking my ass. Yet again we have people proving that you can use instruments like a banjo and not play songs about farm animals. Not that farm animal songs are bad, in fact I have a sweet spot on my heart for songs about all kinds of animals but that’s a whole nother blog log. The first time I knowingly heard the Avett Brothers was during a car ride to Louisville. I had heard a lot about them but never actively sought their music out and was never given their music by a pal, until recently. (Thank you Joe “maestro captain blackheart” Metropolis) While I was playing passenger listening to the album “Four Thieves Gone” I was taken a back by what I was hearing. I believe every song ended with me saying, “who is this?” Obviously, I was a little concerned that they stole Muff Potter’s sound in a few songs but they did it well enough so I forgave them. To be honest it was nice to hear a fellow aggressive folk band. And yes, I am well aware that their bluegrass sound is apparent on a lot of their albums but they are forever aggressive folk in my eyes. (Plus they are from North Carolina what do you want?) I mean The Clash is still a punk band. (Right muthafuckers… Right!?!) Sursly, do you really want to use the term grungegrass? I’ll answer that… Hell no, I would never be caught dead saying something like that! Currently, I believe The Avett Brothers are resting, finishing up their new album, and preparing to hit the road once again. Their catalogue is impressive, long and quality. If you enjoy acoustictype music you should be checking out these guys and then checking yourselves. – Cap’n Clet

Seth Avett (vocals, acoustic guitar, hi-hat, piano, drum kit)
Scott Avett (vocals, banjo, harmonica, kick drum, drum kit)
Bob Crawford (vocals, upright bass)
Joe Kwon (cello)
The Avett Bros. (2000)
Country Was (2002)
Live at the Double Door Inn (2002)
A Carolina Jubilee (2003)
Swept Away EP (2004)
Mignonette (2004)
Live, Vol. 2 (2005)
Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions (2006)
The Gleam (2006)
Emotionalism (2007)
The Second Gleam (2008)
(Tell me that's not the most badass picture of a banjir player you ever saw!)
(It 's too bad they didn't dress like a club team. If they would have chosen Man. U. they could have said they played football or futbal.)


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