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Sunday, November 30, 2008

From The Dorks Soundtrack: The Republic Tigers

Music from Episode 043

Band: The Republic Tigers

Album: Keep Color

Track: Golden Sand

It seems like your week to pick the song for the show sneaks up on you even more than your week to host the show. And when you listen to as much diverse music as I do in the average week it really becomes a struggle to figure out which track you want to share with our ever growing audience. This week I had a few different bands dancing around in my head and as per usual I think it is just as interesting to tell you all about the path not taken as it is to share with you the selection. I almost picked a track from the new album by Los Campesinos, labelmates of Soundtrack Alumn, The Stars, Broken Social Scene, & The Stills (it's probably my favorite recording label and I've yet to really experience a bad release from them). Another close call was something off of the most recent record from Bound Stems, a Chicago band who I saw play with Gentleman Auction House who was also in the running.

Ultimately I decided to go with one of my favorite tracks off of the first full length release from one of my favorite new bands: The Republic Tigers. Hailing from Saint Louis' sister metropolis, Kansas City, MO. Front man Kenn Jankowski and his bandmates were in town playing at the incredibly underrated Biliken Club the evening of November the 20th and while the two opening acts nearly drove me away the show was ultimately worth the wait and then some. They seemed to be having a great deal of fun onstage and it seemed just as clear that they were excited to recieve such a warm reception at such a small venue. They have sort of a Travis meets Helio Sequence meets The Shins sound that really just washes over you and dares you not to smile. Their music has been featured on such shows as Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, and most recently (a great show that also happens to be where I first encountered them) Chuck. Featuring prominent harmonies and wordless singing alongside great guitar work as well as incredibly catchy keyboards.

It's hard to believe that these guys have only been together since 2005 and that Keep Color is their first album but more and more these days it seems like debut full lengths from the midwest are getting better and better. If you like these guys and you haven't checked them out yet I reccommend that you run out and get their record. If you already have it then I definitely reccommend that you check out The Helio Sequence's album "Keep Your Eyes Ahead" and also make sure to check out So Many Dynamos "Flashlight" ... between guys like The Republic Tigers and So Many Dynamos it's really become time to start paying attention to Missouri when you talk about the national indie music scene

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