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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Best Book You Didn't Read this Week, Issue 14

Resurrection Annual #1
Written by: Marc Guggenheim
Art by: Douglas Dabbs

Oni Press has long been known as a publisher of mini-series and Graphic Novels. They have published very few ongoing series. The ones they have published have been stellar. The spy/thriller Queen & Country written by the incredible novelist and one of the most amazing comic writers working in the industry today Greg Rucka and drawn by a slew of incredibly talented artists (Rolston, Samnee, Speed-McNeill, Alexander, Hurtt). The sci-fi/fantasy/post-apocalyptic epic Wasteland from one of the best and most overlooked writers working in indie comics these days Antony Johnston and with art by the wholly underappreciated Christopher Mitten. And the newest of the ongoing series is Resurrection. A story of what happens on Earth after the end of what seems to have been a failed invasion attempt by an Alien species. This is also the conclusion of the first volume of Resurrection. Resurrection is a book written by Marc (Young X-Men, Eli Stone) Guggenheim and with art by (usually) David Dumeer, both of whom are incredible talents whom the comics industry should be glad to have. This annual is drawn by Douglas Dabbs who manages to craft some really incredible pages. Ultimately this is a story about the tenacity of man, as well as the resilience (or in some cases the lack thereof) human faith. I think that this is at once a nice endcap to the first volume of Resurrection and is as well perhaps the best issue (of a series of great issues) to date. Volume 1 of Resurrection will be, all told, 6 issues and one Annual, it will all be collected in a trade paperback that will be sold for the staggeringly great price of: Six whole American dollars. Talk about one hell of a good deal. When Volume 2 of Resurrection begins it will be the first ongoing series published by Oni Press in FULL COLOR! I cannot honestly think of a series that more people should be checking out. It is a thrilling ride from the very first page and when the trade comes out everyone, not just everyone who has read this book but everyone who reads comics, should buy 2, one for themselves and one for a friend who has never read comics but loves sci-fi, who loved the TV show Jericho, who thought Independence Day was kind of silly but desperately wanted to know what the next day looked like as the world picked itself up off the ground and dusted itself off. There honestly aren't enough positive words in the English language to convey how much I like this book and respect it's creators. And the way you can thank me for recommending this incredible series is to, once you are done reading the upcoming trade, go buy all the Queen & Country and Wasteland trades and prove to Oni how loved and appreciated their ongoing series really and truly are.

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