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Monday, November 24, 2008

Brief Mentions: The Goon # 30

By: Eric Powell

Here we are at the tail end of “The Year of The Goon” and this book keeps getting better and better. Prior to this glorious year Powell gave us the long awaited graphic novel “Chinatown.” In my opinion, “Chinatown” was the turning point in this series. The Goon has transformed from a light comic riddled with comedy and slack jaws being destroyed into a larger story. Even though comedy still plays a big part of this book we are also seeing a larger story unravel and this story seems heavily driven by drama. Before “The Year of the Goon” it felt like we were getting single issues of jokes and absurdity. I do enjoy absurd jokes but the underlying story makes me love this book so much more.

Issue # 30 gave us yet another reference to “Chinatown.” I have to say I believe Franky should keep his word and stick the evil dame. Why not a knife in the eye? This issue also gave us an interesting glimpse at the relationship between Buzzard and the Zombie Priest as well as a reason to stay away from train tracks. There was definitely some heavy drama being played out in these pages but that heaviness was countered by the backwoods humor I have come to love oh so much. It appears that Powell is finding a healthy balance of both comedy and tragedy in his writing. I would also like to say that Eric Powell is one of my favorite artists. He possesses a style all his own and it is very fitting for this type of book.

Another bonus with “The Year of the Goon” we get colors by Dave Stewart. Dave has been one of my favorites for a while now. I first discovered his talent when I realized I was a huge Darwyn Cooke fan. When I saw that he was joining Powell on this book I began to bubble over with excitement. What else could you ask for? The Goon has been monthly. The Goon has been strong and well written every month. The Goon is colored beautifully by Dave Stewart.

What will become of us after our year is up? Hopefully, The Goon will still come out on a semi regular basis and the story will keep progressing as it is. I feel like we have witnessed a year of The Goon’s world crumbling apart and a year of him trying to mend his broken heart. It leaves me wondering will the last issue of “The Year of the Goon” wrap this story up or leave us hanging on a cliff. Anyway it is done; I am a Goon fan and expect that I will be for a long time to come. Maybe I can enjoy The Goon the animated film someday. That would be nice.

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