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Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I’s Reading Now (A True Story)

Hey everybody how are you? Happy turkey day! I hope it was a lovely day for all of you. My day has been absolutely precious I tell you… absolutely precious. So I bet you guys are looking for the inside scoop on what I have been reading. Well I have been knee deep in romance novels; the ones with the Fabio painted covers. He always looks so fabulous and rugged all at the same time. Yummy! But the best thing I’ve read recently happens to be a bathroom stall. So there I am making brown on the pooper. Dancing really moves my bowels. I actually have a move called the Bowel. People love it. Anyways there I am hovering over the toilet seat and thought hey I will look around a bit. You will never guess what I saw. Pure golden wisdom lay upon that wall. People sat here broken-hearted cause they came to shit but only farted. That hit me hard and I got sad. I saw the writings of angry people keeping us aware that certain things suck and we are being lied to, people letting us know what bands rule, people looking for a good time even left their numbers (some even told you exactly what to expect when you called), and some strange alien scribes (maybe gang words or tags but I’m sticking with aliens) were present in this stall. I said to myself, “wow what a great community a bathroom can be” and everyone seemed so nice taboot. Just as I was about to exit the stall I spied an interesting thing. It was a hole. What could this be for I thought to myself. Maybe its so you can pass TP to some one who ran out. That is so awesome… nay… that is glorious! They should call that a glory hole or something. My point in all this is next time you are in a public pooper take a look around. If you like what you see leave your number, if you want. This guy named Captain Cletus is everywhere. Since I’ve been awakened to this new type of writing I have seen is name in every single bathroom stall I have visited. Out of state even. I jotted his number down but always forget to call. My life has been so much better since I discovered Stall Lit, I’ve met lots of new people and have done things I never thought I would ever do. Anywho, that’s it for now bye- bye and toodleloos. Gobble… Gobble
- Dayron

(This is one of the many bits of wisdom that has changed my life and that's the mysterious hole.)

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