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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brief Mention: Nightwing #150

Nightwing #150
Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Don Kramer

I know I have mentioned on this website before that my first comic coming back from the one and only sabbatical that I ever took from comics was an issue of Nightwing. Issue #16 to be precise. That's a little over eleven years in real time. Since I was a sophomore at Helias High School in Jefferson City I have gone to a comic store every month for 134 months in order to pick up my monthly fix of the adventures of Dick Grayson. I have watched the character go through personal and professional ups and downs. I have watched him square off against dozens if not hundreds of enemies, I have watched him stand up against Batman and kneel at the feet of Barbara Gordon. It has been one hell of a ride along the way. When I first started reading the book it was being written by Chuck Dixon (as was most of the rest of the Batman Universe) and the art was being handled by Scott McDaniel and Karl Story. Since those days the character has been under the watchful eye of such writers as Devin Grayson, Bruce Jones, Marv Wolfnan and now Peter J. Tomasi. Some were better than others and some were more approved by the fans. But ultimately I have grown to love the character for all his facets and flaws. I think that Dick Grayson is probably my favorite character in comics today. So, seeing his title reach the prestigious 150th issue is something I am very proud to see. The issue itself was also incredibly gratifying in many ways and was a great wrap-up to the R.I.P tie-in that has been going on that pit Nightwing against Two-Face. The unfortunate thing about the story is that in the same week as the momentous issue we also recieved the announcement that Nightwing would be ending with February's issue #153. So, I thought I would just take this opportunity to thank all the writers, artists, inkers, colorists, editors, and everyone else involved with the production of Nightwing for their years of hard work that has gone into the creation of one of my favorite books. And I think most importantly I would like to thank Writer Chuck Dixon, Penciller Scott McDaniel, Inker Karl Story, Colorist Roberta Tewes, Letterer John Costanza, Editors Scott Peterson and Darren Vincenzo, and the wonderful team of Scott McDaniel, Karl Story, and Patrick Martin for putting together the cover that first caught my eye.

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