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Saturday, November 22, 2008

In Memoriam: Fairview Heights, I Barely Knew Ye

Summer is a great invention. No school. No responsibilities. Just me and comics. Periodically throughout Summer 2008, I would visit Scott’s former comic store in Fairview Heights (R.I.P.) and spend a whole day just catching up on comic series. I began Fables there, read Batman: Year One there for the first time, and read Fear Agent and a lot of other great titles. Located 1937 West Highway 50, the Fairview Heights Fantasy Shop was a great store, which had a great selection of weekly titles and trade paperbacks. During the day, I read comics and conversed with my colleague Scott. At night, the dice came out, and D&D was played on the back table. A few weeks ago, I heard the horrible news that this store had been sold. This was terrible news. With such great memories of this store it was sad to see it go. But I bid you adieu Fairview Heights. I will miss Thai food Wednesdays and being able to read comics while watching Countdown to Wednesday. You could always count on the Fairview Heights store having the issue you needed – indie or not. Farewell Fairview Heights, you are gone but never forgotten.

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