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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Brief Mentions: (solo… solo you can’t hear me.)

Ultimate Captain America Annual # 1

Writer- Jeph Loeb

Art- Marko Djurdjevic

& Rafa Sandoval

All Right now, let me explain myself. (Like I have to explain myself to youse guys.) Due, to my excruciating schedule this week I have not had a chance to read many of my books. Therefore; you will not hear my sweet, succulent voice crooning on episode 39. For this I apologize, but I was told that both Scotty and Dayron will be impersonating me the entire time. They are good so you might not even notice I wasn’t there. In any case, I hope I’m missed and you enjoy your break from my mind-blowing yet awesome sense of humor. If you don’t believe me just ask my associates. Let’s get own with this!

It seems we are reaching closer to the end of this; what, a three year march to Ultimatum. I am an Ultimate fan, but with limitations. Ultimate FF was dropped a while ago and reading only the hard covers of Ultimate Spidey and X-men leaves me really far behind. Unlike, certain partners in crimes of mine, I enjoyed both Ultimates 1and 2. Three words... HULK… EATS… PEOPLE!!! (Someday… you Millar haters… someday)

With Ultimate Origins and the third volume of the Ultimates finally coming to a close we are seeing where this universe is heading. I got to say Ultimates 3 left much to be desired but Origins, I dug. Ultimate Captain America Annual #1 served as one part Ultimate Black Panther origin story and one part Ultimates 3 epilogue. The Black Panther story was interesting and well done for setting up T’Challa, as a character, in the Ultimate Universe. Not to mention, Djurdjevic’s art was very much fantastic. The second half told the story of how Fury plans on taming the Panther. Apparently, that means some interesting scenes with Captain America the sparring partner and Captain America the voyeur. And yes, we finally found out what the hell Steve was doing in Black Panther’s threads. This book included all kinds of ultimate cameos of your favorite characters (all nicely drawn by Sandoval) and left me with some excitement to see what will become of the Ultimate Universe I have grown to love. How ultimate is the price they will pay?


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