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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Best Book You Didn't Read Last Week, Issue 15

Lone Ranger #15
Written by: Brett Matthews
Art by: Sergio Cariello

Westerns. I know you're probably sick of hearing me talk about them. The best way to get me to stop writing articles about them is to start making them "The Best Book You READ Last Week". Brett Matthews has spent the last two years writing great crime stories, great revenge stories, recreating some of the greatest characters of 20th century American fiction. This issue we see the truth of what justice was in the old west. We see that cruelty and inhumanity is not something reserved for modern times. We see that those who seek real justice do not always act on the right side of the law, but those who do real damage to society are not always the kind of men who can be brought down by the system society has put in place. I think that if you like books like Punisher that it's time you start reading westerns. I think that if you like books like Criminal it's time you start reading westerns. I think that The Lone Ranger is as much a superhero as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man or any of the rest. He wears a costume, he conducts himself by a moral code, he brings those who wish to do harm to innocents to see the face of justice, even if the trial they face, is one of fire.

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