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Monday, November 3, 2008

From the Dorks' Soundtrack: Floating Down the Okkervil River

Okkervil River
Album: The Stage Names
Song: Unless It's Kicks

Whoever said nothing good has come from Texas? There was George W. Bush…errr ….Uhh…I mean the Alamo is pretty cool I guess, right? Well one thing Texans can be proud of is to be the hometown of one of the best indie bands on the scene today, Okkervil River. Formed in 1998 in Austin, Texas, Okkervil River takes its name a short story by Russian author Tatyana Tolstaya. Since their humble beginnings of a garage band, this band has blossomed into a truly talented band. Consisting of singer/songwriter Will Sheff, Zach Thomas (no not the kid from home improvement) on the bass, and Seth Warren on the drums, Okkervil River has gone from garage band to large festival band. With five albums from 2002- 2008, they’re batting an album per year average. In 2002, Okkervil River released the album Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See on the Jagjaguwar label. Through the years the bands line-up has changed but its kept its original sound. Okkervil River went on to produce several other albums the most popular being Black Sheep Boy and The Stage Names, which sold over 10,000 albums in its opening week. On September 9th, Okkervil River came out with their fifth album entitled The Stand Ins. The album charted at # 42 on Billboard and sold 11,000 copies in its first week. This is a band that has grown greatly in the last five years and continues to grow. The song on episode #39 is "Unless It’s Kicks" from The Stage Names. It’s GREAT GREAT GREAT! Enjoy!

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Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

apparently, nobody told you about the best texan ever. townes muthafuckin van zandt! guess it might be time for townes to make the soundtrack.