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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Living Up To Expectations: (I had no expectations but they were totally fulfilled!)

The Invincible Iron Man # 7

Writer- Matt Fraction

Art- Salvador Larroca

All right, I want to hate Tony Stark more than anything else in this world. Sometimes, he makes it is easier than others. One more reason he is an arrogant bastard. In the wake of Ezekiel being a little big for his britches we are left hoping Fraction can keep up the good work. Scotty brought up a really great point to me today. He said something along the lines of this story arc being a test. With Fraction coming out of the gates in such a great, intense fashion leaves me hoping his wad was not blown. After reading issue # 7, I am sure he has plenty more wad to come.

This issue had two; really great interactions between three of Marvel’s finest. It was interesting to see Tony and Spidey crossing paths, post One More Day. You remember… oh, wait…Mephisto made so nobody remembers. Tony has no idea that Peter is Spiderman, only an unregistered vigilante. Despite Stark being reluctant, Spidey is dead set on a team-up. Throughout this team-up there is plenty of interesting conversation between these two heroes. These conversations help us decipher what is going on in these guy’s heads and why they do the things do. Now, on to the last page. This page is the very reason I’m conflicted about Tony Stark. The one part douche bag playboy is easy to hate, where the humanitarian seems to have feelings of an almost human nature. I still blame him for Cap’s death; therefore, it is hard to give him a chance but this book is really fucking good. Great writing + Great Art = Really Fucking Good. For the other team-up in these pages read the book, you fools.-Rob


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