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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What I’m Reading Now: IT’S GODZILLA!!!! Err…Firebreather I mean!

Written By: Phil Hester
Art By: Andy Kuhn

Image has got the comics. When you think of Image, the obvious titles come to mind: Invincible, Walking Dead, Savage Dragon, Astounding Wolfman, Youngblood, Spawn. But some great titles, as good as these titles, seem to fall short. One such title is Firebreather. Written by Phil Hester (Green Arrow, El Diablo) with art by Andy Kuhn, Firebreather is a coming of age story of young high school student whose is half male…HALF DRAGON (the dream of every Dungeon Master world wide...Can you say breath weapon?!?!) The story starts out in St. Louis (can this get any better) where we meet Belloc, a 100ft tall dragon and father of the main character, Duncan. He seemingly, while on a rampage, falls in love with a human and hence Duncan. From here on, Duncan must deal with the ordinary and extraordinary, battling with both horrid monsters and fitting in at high school. For any fan of Robert Kirkman's Invincible, there is absolutely no reason why you would not read this book. There are two great things about this book. First, there’s a new series out now that is on the shelves monthly. And secondly, there is little reading to do to be completely caught up with this story. Sometimes when starting a new story or title, back issue reading can be overwhelming (Green Lantern here I come!). But with Firebreather, there are two trades, “Growing Pains” & “Iron Saint”, and then you are completely caught up with the series. With the ever growing IU (image universe?? I don’t know, I thought I would try it out) Duncan is not only seen in Firebreather, but also crosses over to other titles such as Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon and is in the cast of such works as The Pact, and Image Monster Pile-up. Being such a central character in the IU, Firebreather is a book that derserves great notoriety and to be ranked among the greatest titles produced by this ever going company.

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