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Friday, October 31, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (Quote of the Week)

(This conversation is fiction but I’m pretty sure it happened to me… in a dream.)

S- Student P- Professor

S- Hello Mr. Professor.
P- (clears throat) That’s Dr. Professor!
S- Sorry, Doc
P- What can I do for you?
S- Well, I had a few questions.
P- Shoot!
S- First I’m unclear about your attendance schedule. If I’m doing A quality work but miss 4 days I will receive the same grade I would If I came everyday and half assed it?
P- Yes
S- And that makes sense to you?
P- Sure
S- Okay… Then why is there a minimum word count on papers? I mean if I can make my point in 100 words do you really need 1100 more words to read? Am I learning about the information or how many different ways I can word it?
P- That’s 1200 words with no fluff.
S- So, that makes sense to you?
P- Sure
S- Okay… You say your class is my top priority but I have four other professors telling me the same thing. Who do I believe? Plus I have to work, just like you. Yep, my shit ain’t free. Is it necessary to believe I can only focus on your class?
P- My class is your top priority.
S- So, I should not focus on my classes in my major and focus on your gen. ed. class’s information that I will not use but in conversation?
P- My class is priority # 1.
S- That makes sense to you?
P- Sure
S- Okay… Aren’t I paying you? Which means you work for me, right? Then why the fuck am I working so goddamned hard for you while you work so goddamned hard to destroy me?
P- I don’t understand the question?
S- A twat says what?
P- Huh?
S- So when is all this work due?
P- Yesterday
S- So on top of everything else I have to invent a time machine?
P- Um… Yeah
S- And that makes sense to you?
P- Sure

As the student leaves he thinks... college rules. Guess, they got me by the short hairs on this one. I sure need that piece of paper, so that people will believe I can do a job well. And paying for this, for many years to come, makes it totally worth it. At least, I’m learning how to be pissed off all the time and how not to handle stress very well. Dylan was right. Someday you are gonna have to serve somebody. Tell me Dylan, when the hell am I spose to read comics and enjoy life?

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