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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Brief Mentions: Avengers Invaders # 5

Plot –Alex Ross & Jim Krueger

Script –Jim Krueger

Pencils –Steve Sadowski & Patrick Berkenkotter

Color –inLight Studios

(Yep, another review. Standard spoiler rules apply. Of course, I’ll try to be as vague as possible.)

Well, this book finally returned to the shelf this week. Fortunately, so many great comics are constantly coming out; therefore, the wait wasn’t so bad. I have got to say I have been enjoying this book since issue #1.Then again, I am an Invaders fan. You saw the creative team that is putting this out, right? Despite some things I hear around the shop, I think any book that includes The New Avengers, The Mighty Avengers, and the Invaders is book worth checking out.

Imagine you are an Invader fighting Nazis in 1943 one second, then the next you are in present day New York. Present day, meaning our Steve Rogers is dead. So, here we are in New York where the registration act is still an issue (heroes hunting heroes) and BAM! Hello Invaders, Steve Rogers and all. Obviously, Steve Rogers of the past. Think of that, your dead friend shows up from the past. How do you react? Probably, with a meaningless fight.

Issue # 5 was packed with great panels, some of action and others of intense conversation. First of all, the Bucky we get in this book is a full-fledged grade A badass. Of course, we get pages of just about all your favorite Marvel characters fighting one another. We even see heroes fighting different eras of themselves, past and future. Talk about internal struggle personified. Then, we get to see Tony talking to Invader Steve Rogers. That scene was one of the best scenes I have seen in a while. Human Torch tugged at the old heartstrings in this issue, as well. All of this was followed by a last page that leaves you wondering, what is about to begin?

Marvel fans heed the call. Check this book out. I will say right now, at issue # 5, that this will be an incredible 12-issue story that will need to reside in your collection. Tell me, where else can you see Luke all puckered up like he has a thumb up his booty hole? Seriously, these books speak for themselves. So, go ahead don’t believe me. See if I care.

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