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Saturday, October 18, 2008

From The Dorks' Soundtrack: Cold War Kids

I kept thinking that since I saw Margot & The Nuclear So and So's on Wednesday night (great show), Broken Social Scene on Friday night (Amazing, by the way ... article to come on that), and am going to go see Man Man on Monday night that I should pick a song by one of the bands that I have seen live lately (going to go see) for the show this week. But I have been listening to so much of the new Cold War Kids album, Loyalty to Loyalty, lately that I thought that I would let you guys in on something that I was really grooving on lately. I first took notice of Cold War Kids (from Fullerton, CA) in late March of 2006, when Spin.com named them one of their “Artist of the Day” and with their brief review of this up and coming band they included the mp3 of “Hospital Beds” and after listening to it I knew I was really, really going to like a full album from this band. I certainly wasn't expecting to get what I got from it, nor was I expecting to wait as long as I did. The track that Spin.com posted was from their EP, curiously enough also called Robbers & Cowards, their full length debut, Robbers & Cowards, wouldn't hit the shelves until early October of 2006. The part of the album that I wasn't expecting was that the band would sound so diverse. Singer Nathan Willett (whom also plays piano and guitar for the band) can go from instantly accessible to incredible but aloof in the space of a heartbeat. The band reminds me an awful lot of other bands that I love, which is something that I couldn't help but notice after listening to Robbers & Cowards a couple dozen times. It's not that they model their sound off of any particular band or that any one track could be considered a direct lift from another artist, it's more that they wear their influences on their sleeves and they don't seem to shy away from letting you know that. So, if you are into soulful, blues-inflected indie rock then you might dig it. If you like bands that thrive in variety like Bob Dylan, Spoon, The Walkmen, The White Stripes, Devendra Banhart, Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, etc. then it might be time for you to check out Cold War Kids. So go check out their albums Robbers & Cowards and Loyalty to Loyalty.

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