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Sunday, October 12, 2008

From the Dorks’ Soundtrack: Playback for Pinback

If anything, I am the outcast of the ComicDorksCast. While my associates live in proximity of STL, I am in down a 100-mile stretch of road in Boone County. Though, Columbia is not quite as big as the city life of St. Louis, there is one venue that keeps me up-to-date with live shows – The Blue Note. The Blue Note is the best Columbia has to offer in terms of live music. I’ve seen bands such as Modest Mouse, Spoon, Man Man, Citizen Cope, Dr. Dog and Wilco at this small venue. Last night, I took my first trip to The Blue Note for the semester and went to see a band entitled Pinback. Pinback originates from San Diego California and was formed in 1998 by singers Armistead Burwell Smith IV (also known as Zach Smith) and Rob Crow. The band's name is a reference to a character in the film Dark Star, directed by John Carpenter. Audio samples from this film are used frequently in the band's early works. Pinback is still very much in the indie scene but can be most associated with early Modest Mouse/Pavement. At the beginning of the show, I knew I was going to like it. Zach Smith (who looks almost exactly like Scott) came out to begin the show clad in a Chronicles of Wormwood T-shirt. Periodically throughout the show I would yell Garth Ennis to see if I could get a reaction but to no success. The show was fantastic. Pinback displays a great indie style and mixes vocals and piano beautifully. Another great aspect of this band is that they have two singers, which provide for great harmonies and offer great variety, very reminiscent of Dr. Dog (though no ones throat was punched). The vocals also remind me a great deal of Sufjan Stevens but with a little more volume. Every member is also multi-instrumental. One song the singer could be playing the bass and then the next be playing the piano. The variety this band offers was definitely worth the price of $14. Also hoisted about the band was a huge screen that would display images and play video while they played. The video and images provided for a unique show experience and the intimacy that The Blue Note provides also added to the experience. Pinback currently has four albums, the last two gaining the most recognition. Autumn of the Seraphs, debuting in November of last year, is what contains our episode #36 song, “How We Breathe.” This song is the best taste of what Pinback has to offer and I hope you enjoy!


Greg said...

My first visit to the blue note, awesome building, will definitely try to return someday ... My first time to see Pinback they were as good as i expected,, amazing band, and great guys, they have no problem shaking hands and giving autographs

Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

hey dayron,would you say you enjoyed them as much as you enjoyed the nickelback show you always talk about?

Darren Does said...

Yea but instead of there being four complete douchebags on the stage wasting my time... there were actually talented musicians playing music that didn't make me bleed from the ears.