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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Living Up To Expectations: The Start of the 2008 Television Season

Today is the day that we usually tell you about some of the comics that we anticipated from the most recent show ... foolishly I reviewed one of the books that I was anticipating in yesterday's Sneak Peek Reviews and foolishly forgot to read the other two today ... yeah ... my bad. So I thought I would spend some time, some effort, and some words telling you all about how much I have been enjoying the Fall Television Season. Back in late August I talked about some of the shows that I was looking forward to, so tonight I will tell you how some of them are living up to the expectation. Consider this the first part of a seven part series.

Monday Nights:
Prison Break 7pm Central FOX
Okay, so ... Wow. This season has been full of exciting moments and interesting characters but I have to say that any time I get a chance to see Michael Rapaport act in pretty much anything I am going to be excited. This has been perhaps the best season of the show so far and I think that if I could go back and tell myself that this was going to be more than a "Let's break out of prison" show.

Heroes 7pm central NBC
Alright, seriously ... why, oh why, oh why are people giving up on this show? Seriously I am having a ton of fun with the new characters and am thrillingly intrigued by the new story-arc. I am still convinced that too many people look down on this show because it didn't become a super-team show.

Chuck 7pm NBC
Sweet Zombie Jesus this show is one of the highlights of my week. Every actor is fantastic, every story is somehow more entertaining than the last. I think that if you are a comic fan or a geek of any kind that you should do yourself a favor and check out this totally awesome show.

Life 9pm NBC
Yet another example of a show that absolutely warranted a second season after the writers' strike. Damien Lewis is one hell of an actor and his portrayal of Detective Charlie Crews is one of the most engaging depictions of a complex human being on television today. He's a man after revenge as well as a karmic understanding of the world. It's really one of the most interesting shows that I hear far too few people talk about.

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