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Saturday, October 4, 2008

From the Dorks' Soundtrack: ("Turn the Goddamn Radio Down, Thank You." –The Felice Brothers)

Music from Episode # 35:

Frankie's Gun! -performed by The Felice Brothers

From time to time we hear a person or a group that brings new life to the same three chords we have been hearing forever. I’M NOT KNOCKING THREE CHORD SONGS; actually, I live my life by them. I believed Woody when he said, “If you play more than two chords, you’re showing off.” (I think that was Woody but either way, a genius fo’sho.) The Felice Brothers show off a bit, but only by a chord or two and they do it in the old school K.I.S.S. fashion. (that’s Keep It Simple Stupid) Now sit back why I try to make you understand the greatness of these guys, I have never met.

Picture three brothers Ian, Simone, and James. Now, throw in some friends like Christmas and Farley. Then, Sprinkle in some gitbox, bass, drums, keys, accordion, horns, and some fiddle. At Last, sink your teeth into a nice treat called The Felice Brothers. They come at you with a sound that could come from anywhere, but in this case the Catskill, Upstate New York area. Whether you heard them play at a family BBQ, in the subway, at the Newport Folk Festival, or Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble you know these guys will be playing music until death comes creeping. They are the kind of band that possesses that lovely living room sound. (a.k.a the dark, dank basement sound) Their songs are loose but not sloppy and accessible to anyone who enjoys tales of adventure and woe. The greatest thing about bands like The Felice Brothers is in the knowing that if they weren’t out there playing their songs for us, they would be at home playing their songs for themselves.

I recommend anyone who enjoys music like Bob Dylan, The Band, Bob Dylan and the Band, Ronnie Lane, Tom Waits, or any of the plethoras of people you can find in the Folk genre, to check out The Felice Brothers. I kept with the vague Folk genre because labeling music has gotten out of hand and beyond my understanding. I’m sure these guys fall into many of different categories but good old Folk gets the job done for me. You can find them on My Space, You Tube, or on the road in their short bus. Take my advice and look into these guys, you will thank me later. Maybe you will want to “put some whiskey into my whiskey" or "some heartbreak into my heart” but you will most definitely want to put The Felice Brothers into your ears. Sew another patch on the quilt of great American Music and call it The Felice Brothers. – Captain Clet


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