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Friday, October 24, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (Quote of the Week)

Howdy folks! It’s that time again. You know, where I steal people’s words and use them in a way sose they wished the never would have used them in the first place? “The choice is simple. Because, here at the end, there’s no choice at all.” Except to drink the bottom out of a nice cold DP (yep, double penetration you sick bastards!) Now “To die on the job” means you work too hard or… you have an accident of sorts. Either way, it prolly sucks. “Okay… Well, you knew this morning would be complicated, but how the hell did it get this bad.” I always blame the waking up; it is the worst part of everyday. “Look… sometimes stuff… well, not just happens, because that’s bull, but… it doesn’t have to be so doom and gloom” but nobody likes a happy song… or a happy Murdock. “ I think it would be most interesting to have physical relations with a super-powered woman.” “I… I do not believe they would be cooperative. Knowing their type, they would sooner die.” “That would be acceptable. Even preferable. Less talking.” That quoted conversation speaks for itself. So before you guys start thinking “Thanks for nothin’ big guy.” I’m up. See you next week? Of course I will. “It’s like they say, innit? ‘Character is fate.’ Fuck all you can do about it.” Now you all should say, “You made your own bed. Fuckin lie in it” and I will say sure thing sirs and mams. I would love too and I will, real soon. There, I hope to slide into a coma... so, sweet dreams my babies. – Clet

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