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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Living Up To Expectations: NYX: No Way Home # 3

Writer: Marjorie Liu

Pencils: Kalman Andrasofszky & Sara Pichelli

Cast: Kiden, Bobby, Lil’ Bro, Tatiana, and ex-teacher Cameron. Not to mention, a gang of punk ass bustas.

A few years back a couple of guys by the name of Joe Quesada and Josh Middleton created a little book called NYX. Today we got issue # 3 of the brand new miniseries and yes, my anticipation was satisfied. NYX: No Way Home is the story of a group of mutant kids living in New York. These mutants have no affiliation to X- teams such as, the X-men, Young X-men, X-force, or X-factor but rather a group of kids just trying to play the cards they were dealt. Keep in mind that each one is playing a different hand but they are all playing from the same deck.

Issue # 3 was told to us through the voice of Bobby Soul and packed with comic goodness. We pick up right after issue # 2. Cameron is still missing and a confrontation is being had. The very first page gave us gangstas, guns, and bloody knuckles. With Bobby narrating we get a glimpse of his past and it doesn’t take too much to realize he has not had the easiest go at things. We all know life tends to kick your ass from time to time. For, Bobby and his little brother, named Lil’ Bro (that’s clever), the can of whup ass is economy sized. This issue furthered my belief that these kids are working on being a team of their own design. And what a team they could be. If only they can survive.

The abilities these kids possess have great potential too be very effective in scuffle type situations. As far as the abilities, this issue opened all kinds of doors for the reader. By the time we leave this issue we still don’t know too much about the what’s, the where’s, and the why’s but the who’s better watch out cause trouble is coming for them. Walter said it best, “You are entering a world of pain!” NYX is very unique as far as Marvel mutant books are concerned. It feels much like a teen book but done in an adult fashion. (Yeah, a lot like Runaways but totally different. Know what I’m saying?) So if you like good writing, good art, and you know what’s good for you; you will check this book out!

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