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Friday, October 10, 2008

Blog Log # Awesome: “Reading between the lines is easy… it’s the lines I have trouble with” – Wise Words from A Wise Man...

Oh! Hey all you comics fans out there. Time for another one of them great “Quote of the Week” columns that everyone enjoys. The voice of Rob will be portrayed (beautifully portrayed might I add) by none other than Darren…or as you have been accustomed to – Dayron. So many books. So many quotes. So little time. We got a Kirkman double feature this week (at least for people in the mid-west) containing both Invincible and Walking Dead. “It’s not the dead I’m afraid of anymore.” Uh-oh, looks like we got a Jerry Garcia fan on our hands. Now Dale you should never have feared “the dead”. Sure, Jerry may be a little hairy, like myself, but that’s no reason to be scared of us… we’re really just like big, huggable bears (that won’t maul you to death). Wait, I just had a thought, “Note to self: Danny’s orifices must be probed.” I know what your thinking… Who’s Danny? Well someone didn’t get there monthly dose of Lapham & Young Liars. Orifice probing has been put out of comics too long. I’m glad that David Lapham and his Spiders from Mars brought it back. Anyway, where were we… Ahh yes comics (sometimes I forget what I was saying because of my old and feeble mind, unlike some of my younger and more vital comrades *Darren*) But I digress, for years among years who has been the love of Bruce Wayne’s life? Some people say Zatanna, others say Jezebel Jet, but I believe it has always been Selina Kyle, Catwoman. I. LOVE. CATWOMAN. Last time we left Catwoman her heart was surgically removed and she survived soley by the hum of surrounding machines. “I don’t think there’s ever been another woman who has gotten so close to him.” So it turns out that Dr. Mid-Nite is not only a medical doctor but also a LoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoVe doctor. Man, this article is taking a while, “ Oh great, I’m missing Battlestar Galatica.” You said it Spiderman but I need to write Gilgamesh paper… bummer. I wish that I could be just like Dayron, who can write papers so excellently and is so cool. I never thought such a small kid be so infinitely awesome.. huh,
who knew?

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