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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blog Log # Awesome: (The True Story... I Promise!)

(What you are about to read is the first draft Dayron had for his Quote of The Week. This was recovered out of the trash by an anonymous source.)

Rob “You must atone for your crimes.” You are not as cool as you think you are. I guess, “There’s no learnin’ some people. You just gotta twist their heads around.” You hear me you chopped bastard? “I’ll rip yer head off, ya mutt!” Then, I will look at your girlfriend and say, “He’s already dead you loopy dame!” Seriously, do you think anybody wants to hear you say things like “I can fart and whistle at the same time.” I admit that’s not easy to do but still it doesn’t make you not suck. “You’re a bunch of godless rats! Your mother didn’t want you! You’re gonna burn in hell!” (we get a break at this point. I think some beer pong was to be played. I sense a bunch of wheeeeeews! Or maybe Dayron nodded off. When he returned to finish all he said was) “ Okay, sooooooo… honestly…how many drinks is too many drinks?” (I believe his roommate chimed in to finish this blog log and oh so eloquently he replied.) “It’s whatever you’re drinking plus the one you’re reaching for when you pass out.”
–Lil' Captain Dayron and his trusty sidekick,
The Roommate (who I picture to look like this)


Darren Does said...

I need to secure my trash...

Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

and tell your roomie to shave. cause it looks like he got caught ridin dirty.