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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Whatever You Want: Odds and Ends and a fried Twinkie

In an effort to get input from each of the Dorks, I asked Darren to pick a book for me to read. Two weeks ago, he pick Animal Man by Grant Morrison. I tried, I really really tried to read this book. For two weeks I tried to read it. Ask my roommates, they had to watch me spend two weeks reading a page or two before giving up in disgust. I failed to finish reading the book. I found it to be disjointed and the animal rights parts to be heavy handed. I hate saying that I don't like a book, but I'm going to have to say that about this one. I couldn't connect to the main character; I didn't feel for him or his struggles. Which leaves me yet to find a Grant Morrison book I've liked.

As an apology to any Grant Morrison or Animal Man Fans, here's a fried Twinkie.

One thing I did read this week, and enjoyed, was Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman. Short and sweet, it was written for an unborn baby. If you know anyone who's pregnant with a little girl, I suggest you pick it up for them. Plus Charles Vess's artwork is awesome as always. It's written as a prayer for a blueberry girl, wishes of good things and for no bad things to happen to her.

On the subject of cute things, we've reached the halfway point the the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. When I initially saw the artwork for it, I was skeptical. But it works well with Frank L. Baum's classic story. That's right folks, this is not the same story from the movie. The tin man slowly cuts parts off of himself because of a witch's spell until he is completely made of tin. The slippers are silver instead of ruby. Mice save them in the poppy fields, not the good witch. If you haven't figured it out, I'm a big Oz nerd. I've read every book, or at least every book I know of for it. This is a great addition to my collection and I'm looking forward to the next four issues.

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