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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brief Mentions (Briefly Mentioning Unfortunate Delays)

As a ComicDork it is important to keep up with are responsibilities, duties if you will. (Yep… I said duties.) For all of you who actually read our thoughts, I would like to apologize for the “late articles.” It’s seems most days you wake up and say, “Shit! How the hell am I going to do all the things I have to do today?” To make this short; working on a degree, working a job, having relationships with all the people we love, and sleep, amongst many other things will sometimes conflict with deadlines. I assure you this is still fun, nay, a labor of love and we will post every chance we get. Patience my darlings, we will get this train running on time.

And now some speed bumps in the life of a ComicDork. (Besides mime masturbation.)


Darren Does said...

I see my boy Tolstoy up there

Scotty Don't said...

My NEMESIS! ... Beware the evil of ladders.