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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Living Up To Expectations: Top 10: Season Two # 4

Script and Layouts – Zander Cannon & Kevin Cannon

Pencils and Inks –Gene Ha

Well, I would like to start by thanking this team for not making me a liar. I said during the previews episode when this book was solicited that if anybody but Uncle Alan could do Top 10 justice it would be Zander and Ha. Sho’ nuff’ I was right… yet again. Zander definitely nailed every one of the characters as well as the overall feel of this wonderful story. I can only imagine what it would be like to try and expand on a story created and written by Alan Moore but Zander pulled it off in a big way. And Gene Ha, two words… Gene… Ha! What else can I say? Obviously, anyone out there that experienced my golden age of comics “the ABC years” knows that both Zander and Ha were tied to it from the beginning. Here’s to them keeping it going.
For anyone out there unaware of Top 10, it is a super powered detective/ police story set in a most interesting place… a police station. (That is barely half of the greatness of the setting of this book) Each character exhibits their very own special qualities that are unique to themselves. Don’t confuse it with books like Powers (not that Powers isn’t a great book it is just different than Top 10) Top 10 is a story like no other. That fact alone should make you check into this book(s). Top 10 is just one on a list of many titles America’s Best Comics has produced over the years. Like I said earlier, my ABC years are my golden years. There will be plenty of time to tell all of you about each and every one of them titles, when I can devote the amount of words needed to express your interest in my opinion. But I will say this, if you don’t buy these Top 10 issues which results in lack of funds to keep Top 10 stories available, I will find you. You will be sorry! I do realize this concluded this mini-series (I guess that’s what it was!?!) So to clarify, if the rumors of more Top 10 never happens and you didn’t buy all the Top 10 available I will find you. And then you will be sorry.
-Rob (The list below is what you need to be happy. Your welcome!)

Collected editions

The Top 10 series has so far been collected in:

Top 10: Book One (issues 1–7)
Hardcover edition (ISBN 1-84023-196-3)
Paperback editions (ISBN 1-56389-668-0 & ISBN 1-84023-275-7)

Top 10: Book Two (issues 8–12)
Hardcover editions (ISBN 1-56389-876-4 & ISBN 1-84023-482-2)
Paperback editions (ISBN 1-56389-966-3 & ISBN 1-84023-518-7)

Smax (issues 1–5)
Hardcover edition (ISBN 1-4012-0325-6)
Paperback edition (ISBN 1-4012-0290-X)

Top 10: The Forty-Niners
Hardcover edition (ISBN 1-56389-757-1)
Paperback edition (ISBN 1-4012-0573-9)

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