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Friday, March 13, 2009

What I’m Reading Now: Samurais + Sci-Fi = Yes Please!


Written and Drawn: Frank Miller

Painted By: Lynn Varley

There are many things I love. As you all know, I love comics. As some of you know, I love sci-fi. And news flash, coming down the wire, I love Ronin. Written and drawn by Frank Miller and painted by Lynn Varley, Ronin is a truly unique comic experience. Created in 1983 under DC publishing house, Ronin hit the shelves in the form of a six-issue miniseries. This was a stepping-stone in Miller’s career marking his first creator-owned title; approximately 8 years before Miller’s claim to fame Sin City title. Ronin is story about a master-less samurai who now travels the world searching for the demon that slain his mentor. Sounds like a pretty complete story right? Well, that happens in the first ten pages. After that, Miller kicks the story in high gear and we are thrust into a dystopian future. The reader, as well as the Ronin, becomes immersed in a world much unlike our own. I know what you’re thinking: Is this Samurai Jack? Well first off… he’s a RONIN (totally different)!! And secondly, Ronin came first… sooooo there.

If there are any fans of the much-missed Samurai Jack, Ronin is a godsend. Jack and Ronin share many of the same themes and is ultimately a contest between the forces of good and evil. Miller’s art is also stunning. At first, it took a while to get used to and it my first gut reaction was not to like it. But after reading more, the art really began to mold with the story and Miller does a great job of mimicking the manga (Japanese comics… though you probably already knew that) style. He also mimics manga in his narrative style as well. This provides one of the most unique and stylized comics still on the shelves. My philosophy is go big or go home so I have the very sexy absolute edition which has fold out pages……. O maybe you didn’t hear me. FOLD OUT PAGES!!!!!! So if you like samurais, demons, ronins, blood swords, hot chicks, awesome cartoons, Frank Miller, life, or comics...well, I think you know what you should do. Tachi!

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