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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sneak Peek Reviews: 3/3/2009

New Avengers: Reunion #1

Written by: Jim McCann

Art by: David Lopez

It's not often that I come across something for which I have absolutely no expectations, be they movies, television shows, comics, novels, bands (these happen more frequently as opening bands are often creatures of which I am completely unaware). On those rare occasions I am often pleased. Jim McCann is not a well known commodity when it comes to writing as he is more often known as Marvel Comics' Assistant Manager Of Sales Communication ... whatever that means. In fact all that I know about Mr. McCann is that he loves Hawkeye and Mockingbird more than any ten fans combined. And when it was revealed that Mockingbird was, in fact, not dead he graciously volunteered to write a 4 issue mini-series featuring the return of the long seperated couple. I really didn't know what to think when I got into this issue, I knew I was going to like the art because I think David Lopez is amazing (in particular his run on Catwoman) and so when I finished the issue and the first thing that crossed my mind was "I wonder what happens next!" I was, needless to say, surprised. McCann clearly has a grasp of these characters and he wears his affection for them on his sleeve, pants, coat, hat, socks, shoes ... and maybe, just maybe, his boxer shorts. But that doesn't negatively effect the reading. This was a really fun book and watching the relationship between Hawkeye and Mockingbird flourish and falter on these pages was an interesting experience, especially since I had never read an issue where they were a couple in the first place. I think that this was an issue well worth the read and it certainly was a pleasure to look at ... but once again Marvel has placed an interesting predicament in front of the fans who are looking to buy this book as it is ... $3.99 and 22 pages and written by a Marvel Staffer with little experience and drawn by a rather lovely artist who doesn't have instant name draw appeal. So ... know that when you see this on the shelf that I recommend it ... but ... there might be a book that will give you more for your $4.

Superman: World of New Krypton #1

Written by: James Robinson & Greg Rucka

Art by: Pete Woods

Anyone who has been following the events of Action Comics, Superman, and Supergirl lately know that a pretty big decision has been placed on the plate of one Kal El, aka Clark Kent, aka Superman. He has to choose between the world he knows as home and the society he has longed to know. Candor is now on it's own planet and is occupied by roughly 100,000 Kryptonians. That is a pretty attractive draw for someone who has never known the home of his parents. Clark made the decision to temporarily leave "Clark Kent" behind and embrace "Kal El" in the most recent issue of Superman, and he had to seem to renounce all that was his home in order to be accepted among the Candorian society as dictated by his Aunt Alaura. So he bid farewell to his wife and mother and the city he calls home and left them all under the protection of his close friends and associates who also call Metropolis home. But this mini-series (or is it a maxi-series ... I never knew how to discern the difference) will focus on Clark's attempt to better prepare the Kryptonians for interaction with Earth. We all know now that the society of Krypton was far different than that of Earth ... or at least the modern Earth that Clark has grown up on. This series will explore just how different. Written by fan favorites and critical darlings James Robinson and Greg Rucka this book couldn't possibly have a better pedigree on the writing side. And the artistic side is nothing to sneeze at either, Pete Woods (another artist who has worked on [and had a fantastic run on] Catwoman ... is Selina becoming a proving ground for the industry?) brings his A-game to this title and really proves that he has the chops to do any kind of city-scape as well as character design. This is a really great book that has really great names attatched and a big story to tell ... and it does it for $2.99 ... interesting. Definitely worth buying when you're in the store tomorrow.

Killer of Demons #1

Written by: Christopher Yost

Art by: Scott Wegener

Christopher Yost is better known as one half of the second best regular writing team in American comics Chris Yost and Craig Kyle (Sorry guys, but Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett are the cat's meow) and Scott Wegener is probably best known for being the artist on the totally amazing Atomic Robo from indie comics publisher Red 5 Comics. Together they have come up with a delightful spin on a pretty tried and true idea. Guy is picked by God to be a demonslayer, guy doesn't particularly want to be demonslayer ... the spin comes in the form of the Angel Uriel who guides him and the sheer number of demons that surround the main character Dave Sloan. The first issue is really rather hilarious to be honest. I think that it has a really great feel and doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. The book is really well drawn and is smartly written and is really a pretty good deal at 34 pages for $3.99.

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