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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From The Dorks’ Soundtrack (Not A Lot Of Room To Grow Inside This Leather Atrium –Pavement)

Music From Episode # 56 –Slowly Typed

Performed by Pavement

In 1989 two guys got together and made noise. (SM and Spiral Stairs) And make noise they did and that led to a crazy punk rock hippy entering the scene. (Gary Young) Because of that, this many years later we have a pretty decent discography from a band called Pavement. It is hard for me to pin point the genius I find in this band but whatever they had just worked. And it worked really well. In my opinion, it worked so well that you can hear Pavement in many of the new bands that start up each and everyday. I saw another one just the other day, a special new band. Known as “Two Words One I.” They Rock but this is about Pavement.

As the years dragged on more people showed up and the band became, along with many bands including the Flaming Lips, the unsung heroes in the battle of the music known as “dudes that dress like chicks with feathered mullets and huge packages in to small pants crying rock.” Obviously, the “Grunge” scene over shadowed good bands. And maybe that is for the best. What if Wayne or Steve had shot themselves because of the pressures of fame and junk? What was to become of Pavement over the years is a fine tuned hit machine. There is something juvenile but Earth shattering about the song writing. They definitely write genius lines. But the most amazing aspect is how far they evolved as a band building soundscapes (first time I ever used the word soundscapes and it felt fantastic.) that ranged from rocking into jazzy yet whimsical ditties.

Pavement performed their last show in 1999. Due too what I assume to be lack of interest in doing something you don’t want to do anymore. I know no details of the break up but the word on the street (wikipedia) is that Malkmus just didn’t want to do it anymore. From personal experience, to be in a position to tell your band mates you just don’t want to do it anymore is a difficult thing to do and is the payoff to many nonverbal actions that tend to cause friction amongst a group. A 10 year run is a great achievement in my book. And in those 10 years they taught us many great things such as: “You got to pay your dues before you pay the rent. The Smashing Pumpkins are nature kids but they don’t have no function, I don’t understand what they mean and I could really give a fuck. Spit on a stranger! Who was it that said the world was mainly all divorces and spare change? Let's lethalize our slingshots and swallow propane.” I could go on forever but you should listen to them tell you about it.

Beyond the contributions these guys made as Pavement, they continue to influence music on their on own. Last time I spied SM he was playing in The Jicks and it was a kick ass show. Last time I spied Mark Ibold he was playing bass for Sonic Youth, who was opening up for Wilco. Last time I spied Spiral Stairs he was playing and singing in a great band called Preston School of Industry, who happened to be opening up for Wilco but it was a separate affair. That could be one of the coolest things about Pavement. When you start digging you find all kinds of cool connections. Sort of like Silver Jews for instance.
Stephen Malkmus a.k.a. SMScott Kannberg a.k.a. Spiral StairsMark IboldBob NastanovichSteve West Gary Young

Studio albums
Slanted and EnchantedCrooked Rain, Crooked RainWowee ZoweeBrighten the CornersTerror Twilight

Compilations and reissues
Westing (By Musket & Sextant)Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe & ReduxeCrooked Rain, Crooked Rain: LA's Desert OriginsWowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels EditionBrighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition

Slay Tracks (1933–1969)Demolition Plot J-7Perfect Sound ForeverWatery, DomesticPacific Trim

"Summer Babe" • "Trigger Cut" • "Cut Your Hair" • "Gold Soundz" • "Range Life" • "Rattled by la Rush" • "Dancing with the Elders/Chemical" • "Father to a Sister of Thought" • "Stereo" • "Shady Lane" • "Spit on a Stranger" • "Carrot Rope" • "Major Leagues"

Video releases
Slow Century

Associated acts
The JicksSilver JewsPreston School of IndustryFree KittenThe Crust Brothers

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