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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Best Books You Didn't Read Last Week: 3/2/2009

Dynamo 5 #20

Written by: Jay Faerber

Art by: Mahmud A. Asrar

Picking up pretty well right where last week's #0 left off (which was 99¢ and would have been a steal at twice the price ... what do you mean you didn't get it? Go get it! It was 99 F*#KING CENTS ... seriously ... the frustration) we see the family Dynamo getting down on some serious butt kicking action against War Chest (go ahead ... giggle ... you know you want to) and another guy wearing the Strong Suit from issue #0. We also see some really cool inter-sibling drama as Scatterbrain starts to question Myriad's orientation while Scrap and Myriad decide to bunk up and share an apartment for the betterment of both of their wallets during these tough economic times. It's clear that the series is moving toward something big as more and more we see this Priest, Father Gideon trying his very best to remind Cynthia that she is also one of Captain Dynamo's children and that her half siblings have stripped of her memories and her life ... things are getting pretty sketchy all around as the team is really only just getting back in stride from their time spent apart. This is without question one of the best team books currently on the market and does everything that classic runs of Teen Titans, Fantastic Four and The X-Men ever did with a more modern sensibility and art that is out of this world. It's time for you to check in with the Dynamo Siblings, they've got something to show you when it comes to how a super-family is supposed to work.

Hack/Slash #20

Written by: Tim Seeley

Art by: Kevin Mellon

Alright, I know that I might be late coming to this party but this book totally rocks. Equal parts action and comedy mixed with drama and horror. And actually good horror ... and good comedy ... and good ... Comic-booking. Seriously, Tim Seeley knows what the hell he's doing and really does a killer job doing it. This might be a comic wonk kind of comic, or a horror wonk kind of comic, but it's really, really fun. I didn't start reading this book until Devil's Due started having all the trouble with Reanimator LLC, last fall. I figured if someone was going to go to all the trouble that Tim Seeley and the artists that he gets to draw his horror romps every month that they shouldn't get screwed for trying to do the right thing when someone else is just trying to make a fast buck. So I started ordering Hack/Slash for the store. Prior it would only come in for pull and holds and I would flip through it and laugh from time to time and say "Wow, cool sequence" from time to time, but I never really read the book. But when we started getting it in for the shelves I figured that it deserved my time and effort to read it in order to try and turn more folks onto the book. And it was, it really, really was. This is a whole lot of fun and I think that more people should be checking this book out. If you liked movies like Scream, television shows like Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, and comics like 30 Days of Night then you'll love Hack/Slash, it turns all the typical horror tropes on it's head and it has a hell of a time doing it.

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