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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From the Dorks' Soundtrack: Changing My Major to Cardinology

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Album: Cold Roses

Song: "Cold Roses"

On Thursday, I traveled to the Missouri Theater to see Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. I have been a Ryan Adams fan since Easy Tiger and was very excited to see the show. Born in Jacksonville, Carolina, in 1974, Ryan Adams dropped out of high school to pursue is music career. He played in many local bands and in 2000 landed in a solo album, Heartbreaker. In 2005, he joined The Cardinals with the release of Cold Roses (which the episodes song is taken from) and produced five more albums his most recent being Cardinology, released in 2008. Recently, Adams has announced that he will retire from music to pursue his writing career. In April 2009, Adams will be releasing a book entitled Infinity Blues. Being only 34, it seems strange that such a immensely successful musician would want to leave the scene at the height of his career. But don’t fear, I feel we haven’t heard the last of Mr. Adams. Despite my faith in his return, I decided that it was essential to see him before he departed the music scene. Luckily the Missouri Theater was hosting a special night with Ryan Adams & The Cardinals. I was sitting on the balcony – front and center. The next two hours was one of the most interesting live performances I have ever seen. Playing many of his songs from his solo work to his work with the Cardinals, Adams is truly proud of what he has created. Adams is also an master of show banter. With a excellent blend of mind-blowing music and gut-busting laughter, The Cardinals are masters of entertainment. Ryan Adams has provided us with eleven fantastic albums in 9 years and I hope that he will take center stage once again. But for now it’s goodbye.

(*note the Star Wars shirt.... guy knows good movies what can I say?*)

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