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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brief Mentions (Tell Everybody Waiting For Superman That They Should Try To Hold On The Best They Can He Hasn’t Dropped Them, Forgot Them Or Anything)

Superman: World of New Krypton # 1

Writers –James Robinson and Greg Rucka

Artist – Pete Woods

I have be reading Superman (and related) books for years now and have to say it is a wonderful thing to see Rucka return to these characters, Metropolis included. And to think I get him teaming up with Robinson, guess dreams do come true… sometimes. Not to mention, Pete Woods does a fantastic job supplying the images to a story that has that ‘epic’ feel to it. Needless to say, now is a great time to be into the Superman titles, and yes Supergirl is a must as well.

What makes a Superman? Being faster than a train or sporting a sweet spit curl. Sure, I guess. Personally, I think sweet chops are a characteristic of a super being, but that’s beside the point. The point is that, yes, having superpowers is part of being a superman but their must be a humanistic value to a person to be a Superman. Oddly enough we find this in a being from another planet. (Hmmm… that’s deep.) We still have one person we can trust to do the right thing, someone who still believes in truth, justice and the American way. (No Darren, not Lex!)

We first knew him as strange baby falling from sky in some sorta ship and nearly killed a loving family who would eventually be exactly what that space baby needed. Then we find ourselves seeing him as Clark. Then, he becomes Superman and still Clark but in a smashing disguise. Eventually, we found out where he was from and that he was given the name Kal El at birth. Recently, we heard a lot more Kal, due to the ungratefully saved folks of Krypton being all up in our grills. Today… Today, folks we see a whole new name and a whole new wardrobe. We have, wait for it… Commander El.

Superman has turned his back on Earth and returned to his Krypton roots. Leaving his family and friends back on his old home. I know this sounds bad, but come on we are talking about Superman. He will not forget us. He will do what he has too to save us from a bunch of punk ass dudes with a lot of power and a superiority complex. I truly believe that this issue # 1 of Superman World of New Krypton is the beginning of something really special. For those of you who have not been reading what has been going on with Superman should get into it. You are missing out on one of DC’s golden stories.

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Darren Does said...

It's just too heavy for Superman to lift