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Friday, August 1, 2008

Blog Log # 2: Dr. Dog Live - Part Deuce (Why you think we need Amazing Grace just to tell it like it is? or ...Fate has a funny way of coming around.)

I’m going to go ahead and walk you through my whole day up until Dr. Dog claimed the stage. We blog loggers like to call that a flashback. So… I wake up around 2:00 pm. (yep, I sleep all day. you might not know this but I am in fact a vampire. the sun rising is my sign to go to bed. what can say? this life chose me!) I go to the shop for my funny books and every thing is going fine thus far. I then headed back home to start preparing for the show. Dr. Dog played an in store set at Vintage Vinyl in the Loop at 5 o'clock sharp. I hopped in the shower and grabbed my outfit from the day before. (I believe if you wear it well you should wear it often.) I’m in the car around 4:30 with absolutely no idea of the hell I was to encounter. That hell, we will call HWY 70 during a downpour. Oh yeah, during rush hour, as well. Granted, I’m headed towards the city, so at least I wasn’t the dude not moving hating me for going 30 mph. Lets not forget it was in a downpour. (I could all most see two cars ahead of me) People please, let’s learn how to drive… in general. I hit the record store just in time to hear Scott (the fella that did most of the singing) say, “We’d be happy to do one more for you.” Probably the thing I wanted to hear most at that very point in time. Fate, in fact, has a funny way of coming around. (Yeah I know, that’s a line out of a dr. dog song. Just trying to be cool here. That’s why it is in the title. Get off my back!) The song I got to hear was The Rabbit, the Bat, & the Reindeer and finally my face felt a smile again. (Gap in time here.) We had been hanging out at Pizza Reggie’s place for a while, watching Tommygun take a nap while sitting straight up. You all know what a rainy day can do? After we shook off the lack of motivation we headed to the Bluebird. I walked in and paid, while waiting for my change I asked the doorman if I could grab the poster off the wall. It was a poster promoting the Dr. Dog show. After a strange look he says, “Maybe at the end of the night.” (Oh, we will be revisiting that dude before this is over) So there I am standing around and I got that “somebody’s making fun of me” feeling and sure enough I look up and there was those ComicDorks looking right at me. All the while excitement for the ass kicking Dr. Dog was about to lay on me was growing and growing.

Dr. Dog walked out and instantly owned everyone in the room. (Even the people that didn’t realize it. They were owned too.) I had heard rumors of the Toby incident so I kind of expected to hear all Scott songs. That is how great a band Dr. Dog is, one of the singers is unable to sing and they still rock your face. (Props to Toby for the sexy talking part) Dr. Dog is an enigma that requires me to say things that don’t make a lick sense, such as; they are tight and loose at the same time. (You can work that out on your own, I know what I mean.) I feel lucky to be able to see Dr. Dog at a stage in their career when I get to see them play small intimate shows at little venues. Don’t get me wrong they deserve all your money and I know the day will come that I will be at the Pageant talking about the good old days when I saw Dr. Dog in the basement of the Red Sea, at the Bluebird, and hopefully Off Broadway. The band is a five piece involving Taxi, Tables, Text, Time, and Thanks out of West Philly. (if I was in the band I would be called Throbulation.) Check their web site for further details http://www.drdogmusic.com/ . While you are checking them out on line, shoot over to youtube. There amongst all the great music you may stumble upon a heartwarming story about a girlfriend, a tape, and a Jim James. If you like music at all you should be checking out Dr. Dog. I guarantee that they will make you want to be in a band that is so good you have no choice but to jump around and feel good, while making the people watching you shake it and feel good too. Sharing the top of the list of best rock shows to go to, rests three words, Dr. F***** (Fuckin) Dog! They taught us that even gluttons gotta eat, what else do you want?

-To you the doorman, (you know who you are. You had the Marvel universe on your shirt) you sucked last night…buddy. Did you have a bad day or do you just like being a dick? I know you don’t care and probably won’t ever read this but you gave me a reason to talk about unchecked aggression. We all know it and we all have it and ...that’s okay. (Confused? We are talking about taking aggression out on people that have nothing to do with your problem.) For instance, if I said something like, “Donut your a d. bag" (just cause that doorman was a d. bag) I would be expressing unchecked aggression. You see, just cause he is a d. bag doesn't mean you are too. Follow me and let’s all band together to obtain the dream of checked aggression. I was just after a poster, which you had plenty of sitting right next to you waiting to be thrown away. I was under the impression those posters are sent out to places with the intention of fans taking them home. Did the rules change? Did I miss that meeting? I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I’ll act like it was just a bad night. And hey doorman, guess what? I got me a poster. I got me three posters. Moral of the story… sucking only pays if you’re a harlot. You almost made me feel sorry for all of us Marvel fans out here.

-To Sara or -To Sarah, thank you for the poster. I appreciated your kindness and thought it deserved a shout out.

-To Dr. Dog, thank you for relieving me of the July funk. I owe you in a big way.

-To July 2008, fuck you and good riddance! Stay tuned for the third installment of this three-part Dr. Dog epic. In which our heroes not only save St. Louis but Chicago from the evil known as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Destroyer. (He has been lurking for years and capable of doing a great deal of damage. If you don’t believe me just watch MTV.) We all know how it ends but it will still be fun getting there. Will they slay the beast? Find out as the tale continues in Words & Stuff. –Captain Cletus

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